AFTERNOON T.!-#TBT-Throwback Thursday….Where are they now?… Special Ed

Special Ed - Think About Itr

Remember this guy, Special Ed?  A true lyricist from back in the day.  Not only was he cute with his curly,  hi-top fade, but he was like one of the best rappers at that time…top 5, hands down!  Ed is best known for his hit songs”I got it made” and “I’m the magnificent”.   Both songs produced by super producer back in the day Hitman Howie Tee.  He released both tracks on his first album when he was 16.

Flashback: Check out one of my favorite Special Ed songs and video “I got it made”.  Rock with me-haaay!

Here is Mr. Eddie Archer a.k.a Special Ed now a days.  Uuum, okaay, he’s aged….a bit.  I’m trying to picture him with his curly hi-top fade now.  lol.


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