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Chanel Couture Spring 2014:

Earlier this year Chanel previewed their couture collection in Paris.  Below are a couple of my favs.  What do you think?

Chanel Couture 2014- Chanel Couture Spring 2014-Love Chanel Couture Spring 20140-Love 2

Chanel Resort Collection 2015:

Chanel gasoline can inspired handbag was featured last month in the Chanel Cruise 2015 runway show in Dubai.  A gas can handbag in the Middle East?!  Was Karl Lagerfeld taking a cheap shot or giving a shout out to the gas situation?  I’m just wondering.  Anyhoo, Love it or Hate it?  The showing was…exotic to say the least.  The shows theme resignated the question, What’s real and what’s fake?   This should give you an idea of what was going on.  Fabulous or Shenanigans?

chanel-cruise-2014-15- gasoline bag

There were a couple of items that I did like though.  Out of the 80 something pictures from the look book on, these are the only ones that I thought were fascinating.

Chanel Resort 2015- Black tweed 2 pc yes Chanel Resort 2015-3 pc suit Chanel Resort 2015-adorable Chanel Resort 2015-black casual 2 pc Chanel Resort 2015-Cute embellished black 2 pc Chanel Resort 2015-cute Chanel Resort 2015-genie pants and classic blazer Chanel Resort 2015-Hot...Jacket with long tail in the back & sequin dress Chanel Resort 2015-like

Chanel Resort Collection 2014: 

Now, Chanel’s  Resort Collection for 2014, which they showed last May, was the bombdotcom.  Take a look below and let me know whether or not you agree.

Chanel Resort 2014-Shorts-Love Chanel Resort 2014-Sexy Chanel Resort 2014-Sexy Black dress Chanel Resort 2014-Sexy 3 Chanel Resort 2014-Sexy 2 Chanel Resort 2014-Model It Girl Joan Smalls-Hot Chanel Resort 2014-Model It Girl Cara Delevigne Hot Chanel Resort 2014-Hot Chanel Resort 2014-Esquisite Chanel Resort 2014-Cute w Chanel bottle bag Chanel Resort 2014-classic Chanel Resort 2014-Chic

Stay tuned for more designer look books as we ease into the summer and prepare for fall!



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