MORNING COFFEE-Weekend Round-Up…What I Wore

Good mornting Bizzies,

Happy Monday and Happy Birthday to all my fellow Leos who are celebrating another year of wisdom!  Hopefully everyone had a productive and/or relaxing weekend. Mine was both productive and full of excitement.  I attended the launch party for Nick Cannon’s Ncredible brand tablet, as well as my good friends Sip and See for her 8 month old, adorable baby Connor.  It was super hot this weekend, so summer dresses were in order for  both events.

Nick’s party was actually a pool party, but since I was there to network as well as socialize, I opted to leave the bikini at home.

20140726_135216 20140726_135220

I decided to rock this cut-out summer dress instead.  The style reminded me of a connected two-piece bathing suit, sort of.  This dress was a no brainer because it is both sexy and fun and I figured I could get away with it, professionally, since it was a pool party.  I kept it simple with the accessories, because the dress itself was already doing a lot with the cut-outs and the hi-low hem. Instead of popping in some color, I popped out some color and went with my fave cream Boutique 9 sandals and studded bag.

20140726_135208 20140726_135349

This dress was a fabulous end of summer find last year.  I found it on clearance dirt cheap at the Foreign Exchange Apparel Store.  I got such a good deal on it that I bought two!  I have it in a teal color as well.


Another end of summer steal I found last year was this army green maxi.  I loooove this dress!

20140727_161251 20140727_161258

I wore it for the first time yesterday to the sip & see.  I wasn’t sure if we were going to be indoors or out and  I wasn’t sure if it was dressy or casual.  So, my thought was that I couldn’t go wrong either way with a maxi!  I popped some color in with a colorful feather print scarf (I love scarves) and topped the look off with matching yellow-orange chain purse and sandals.  Again, I kept my accessories simple to not over power or take away from the style of the dress.

20140727_161424 20140727_161319

Now, this dress can be worn year round in California.  In the colder months, I plan on layering with jackets, sweaters and boots.  Again, a good time to find really good deals on season essentials is always at the end of the season when retail stores are clearing out their merchandise to make room for the next season.  Also, always try to invest in items that you can maximize and wear year round.


Me and Amiree, my mini-me, right before we headed out to the party.  She’s wearing an a-line DKNY dress I found at Marshall’s.  She wasn’t feeling the a-line style so she asked to borrow one of my stretch belts to change the look and style of the dress and voila!  She made it look like a completely different dress!  Yep, she is definitely a mini-me! lol

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