MORNING COFFEE-Thursday, June 5, 2014-Graduation Day

Good morntiiing!

So, yesterday I was bizzy attending my daughter’s culmination from grade school.    The ceremony was excellent!  She received an award for Outstanding Academic Excellence under the Presidential Gold Education Program.   I am so proud of her!  The graduation was just like my girl, beautiful!

Me and My mini me

I wore a vintage Max and Cleo jewel toned, striped silk dress and decided to wear my hair up because I knew it was going to be super hot today and I decided to wear sandals knowing that we would be outside and probably standing.  I love this dress because it reminds me of a vintage piece from the 70’s.  I had been saving it to wear on a special occasion and I finally got that chance yesterday!  Now that its broken in,  I look forward to creating different looks and wearing it different ways in the future. But for today, I just added the burgundy flower to hide the low-cut at the bust.  What do you think?

20140604_103521 20140604_103543

I get it from my Mamma!  lol. Ms. Jay Yall!  lol

20140604_104019 20140604_104031

I liked this casual and comfortable look my mom chose today, cream with a touch of peach.  Fantabulous at sixty!!!  I’ll be posting more pics of Ms. Jay and her fantabulous style.  Werk! lol.

So, today, I’m hosting a graduation party for my daughter’s 5th grade class.   The kids are so excited!  I’ll post pics later.  In the meantime, it’s THROWBACK THURSDAY!  I have some pretty good stuff to post today so go ahead and browse, leave comments and sign up to be notified when I post something new, stylish, juicy or entertaining!  Bye for now and have a great day!





  1. Love both looks….
    You can never go wrong with a classic cut vintage piece….
    Both of you look beautiful as always.

  2. Beautiful pics of mom and daughter and gorgeous granny/mom…I love all 3 looks, very…calm. You guys look like you’re ready for California fun in the sun while being feminine!!!

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