Good morn-ting Bizzies!

Happy  TBT-Throwback Thursday!!!  For some reason I woke up this morning with the song It’s Funky Enough by the D.O.C. on my brain.  “1 and then comes the 2 to the 3 and 4, when I drop the beat I have in store…..enunciate well, so that you can tell, I am not illiterate no not even a little bit…”  Yes, yes yalll!   It immediately made me think about the style and some of the looks that were hot during that era in hip-hop. Throwback Thursday west coast hip-hop style.  I was fairly new to the west coast at this time and  one thing I remember, there was one distinct look influenced by N.W.A and Gansta Rap.   Who remembers Nike Cortez, black thick framed Loc sunglasses, Oakland Raiders Starter jacket and cap, tee-shirt, donkey rope chain, large hoop earrings and four-fingered gold ring?  Ridin’ in a Suzuki Sidekick with yo crew?  Yeah, the Suzuki Sidekick!   Yall ain’t ready! lol


Check out today’s TBT-Where are they now featuring The D.O.C!
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