MORNING COFFEE-My Best Dressed picks from the 4th Annual Critics Choice Awards

Good morn-tiing Bizzies!

Happy Fridaaay!  So, last night  at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills , CA, the 4th Annual Critics Choice Award went down.  This award shows honors actors in some of our favorite television shows.  I didn’t watch the whole show, but I did keep my eyes fixed on the red carpet goings on…couldn’t miss that!   Here are my top picks for best dressed on the red carpet:


1st up is  Aisha Tyler of The Talk in this fitted, black,  floor length  number…loves!  She look gorgeous!  To me, this dress is very versatile.  She could definitely flip this elegant version into an edgy/funky look just by switching out the accessories to maybe a chunky necklace and bracelet and opt for either a leather tapered jacket or even a cropped denim jacket or vest.


I loooves this gown!  The top part of this dress is e-v-e-r-ything!  The illusion that the dress is just on her skin is fabulous.  I’m diggin the feather peplum around the waist to give it a little edge.  Overall, her look is simple yet sexy!


Next up is Colton Haynes (MTV’s Teen Wolf).  This cutie goes down as best dressed mail, in my book.  I like the  color combination he chose and the textured tie and pocket square gives the look some texture.  Overall, he looks hot and fashionably conscious!


Diane Krueger in a pink, purple and black floral gown.  I think this dress is just beautiful and right on point for the season.  We’ve seen floral print all over the runways this season and she’s  right on with this strapless piece.   I’m an accessory girl myself, but this look is okay without accessories.  I likes!


Emma Rosen looks beautiful in this fuscia number.  I loves the color and the fact that its really simple which works for her.  Just a hint of color with the turquoise earrings.  Niiiice!


Kat Graham honey, yaaas!  Loves this blue suit with the mirrored details on the lapels and shoulders.  This entire look works!  She looks amazing face and all!


Alright Keri Russell!  Loves this black and gold fishtailed gown she’s wearing, with the plunging neckline.  Weerk!  The pockets sends this dress over the top for me.  I’m a sucker for pockets in a dress!  I mean, it doesn’t matter, even if the dress is ugly.  I don’t care, I’ll work with.  I love pockets!


Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox looks stunning in this black, sleeveless,  side embellished gown.  This gown looks great on her.  It fits her perfectly.  I really like the stone embellishment that trim the dress from the shoulder down to the waist and back up.  This is hot and so is she in it!


Matt  Bomer, wow!  He was one of the very few best dressed men on the red carpet.  He looks a-mazing in this tux.


Michelle Tractenberg, televisions “mean-girl” looks stunning in this gold metallic low cut gown.  I like this dress for two reasons, the metallic fabric and the fact that its so simple.  Because of those two reasons this dress is chic and effortlessly sexy.  Loves!


Ahh, Minnie Driver.   This dress, with Minnie in it is just pretty.  She looks gorgeous!  I love the bustier like top and the fact that the dress just flows on the bottom.  The colors are perfect for the season.  Again, minimal jewelry is working for her in this gown.  I like the hair was swept back in a quick sexy pony showing off her shoulders and avoiding any interference with the top of this dress.  Side Note:  I haaate when celebs wear strapless tops or dresses and their hair steals that moment of being able to take the entire dress in with a first look once-over.  I don’t like having to stare through the hair to see the details of the top of the dress.  Just wear your hair up or do what Minnie did and just sweep it to the back in a sexy pony….OUT OF THE WAY!  Thanks!

So, those are my picks.  Sorry, I didn’t have the designer’s info for you but if you are interested  I can find out for you just send me a message through the contact me tab.


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