MORNING COFFEE-Monday, June 9, 2014-Weekend wardrobe sweep

Good mornting Bizzies (my new name for my followers) lol!

Happy Monday!  Hopefully, you all had a fabulous weekend!  Last week was crazy bizzy for me, with launching my blog, working, my daughter’s elementary school culmination and planning/hosting her fantabulous graduation party.  I spent Saturday trying to recoup,but the weather was so nice here that I couldn’t resist getting out and doing something.  So, I found myself out and about on Melrose Ave. and at the Grove doing some window shopping.  I had to keep myself from buying anything because it was time for me to do my seasonal wardrobe sweep and as a rule, no shopping  before I do that.  So, yesterday I took a little time to pull all of the old, I know I’m not going to wear items out of my closet to make room for a few new spring/summer must-have items.  I do this every season, without fail!  This keeps my closet organized and helps me to keep track of what I have so, I don’t make unnecessary or impulse purchases.

While cleaning out my closet, I ran across a couple of pairs of jeans that I use to reeeaaallly like but are now out of style (they’re boot cut 7 For All Mankind).  I decided to recycle/revamp them so I could 1) save some money and 2) keep them since I do like the fit, wash and color.  I also pulled an old DKNY jean jacket that I use to wear ALL THE TIME and decided to recycle/revamp it as well.

7forallmankind-denim revamp

I cut both jeans at a long enough length to fold up and either make a walking short or a bermuda short style.  I guess I could have gone even shorter, but these lengths are in style now.  Oh, you could also do this denim makeover on denim skirts as well.  Speaking of denim skirts, I actually cut the inseams of a pair of jeans and sewed the front and back pieces together and made a maxi denim skirt.  I’ll show that creation another time.  But for now, take a look at this look I created with my new jean walking shorts with a couple of great accessories.

Denim make over-walking shorts 1 Denim cutoffs-full body suspender pull Denim cutoffs-full body hands in pocket Jean cutoffs and suspenders Denim cutoffs with suspenders  20140607_172043

I cut the sleeves off my beloved jean jacket to make a sleeveless jacket/vest so I could wear it during the summer or on warm days in the fall and winter.

DKNY-denim revamp-repurpose DKNY-sleeveles jacket

Denim make overs are so simple and you can save a lot of money!  I could have gotten really creative with these pieces, but for now I’ll stick with the basics.  This way they’ll be more versatile.  Maybe next time.  Take a look at how I paired my new denim vest with my walking shorts and created this really cool, relaxed summer look.

Denim make over-walking shorts & vest Revamped denim-full shot vest and shorts Revamped denim-vest Denim makeover togetherDenim 2 piece

*Tip-Putting cut denim in the washer and dryer frays the cut edge to create a rugged, unfinished look to the garment.

It’s essential for fashionistas to do seasonal wardrobe sweeps.  Not only does this create an opportunity for you to keep up with your wardrobe inventory, but also allows you to keep your wardrobe fresh and up to date.

For the items that you can’t revamp/refresh but want to get rid of, I suggest you donate them exchange them at a recycle clothing boutique or try to sale them over the internet.  De-clutter, every season and stay fab!

Thanks for checking in with me today.  Stay tuned later on this afternoon for more up to date fashion news, style inspiration and entertainment goings ons.

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