MORNING COFFEE! March 9, 2015- Weekend Round Up…What I wore-Pt. 1

Good morn-tiing Bizzies!

Happy Monday!!!  Okay, so I’m finally up!  Spring is officially here and I am feeling good and feeling great, missing that extra hour though. smh. Nonetheless, I had a fantabulous weekend. Hopefully you did too! The weather this past weekend reminded me of why I love it here in Cali so much. It was beautiful. Perfect weather to be out and about.  Sorry, if you happen to be somewhere where it’s feeling like winter has permanently declared its residency. No worries, I’ll keep you warm with some of this Cali love and plenty of pictures of the goings-ons to help you weather the cold. lol

Anyhoo, my weekend was kicked off with an invite to the Lifestyle Bloggers LA event hosted by Hamptons to Hollywood/Kyle Langan & Ms. Kitty  Bradshaw at Tom’s Urban restaurant downtown LA.  The event was nice. It was sponsored by Tom’s Urban and McDonalds McCafe.  There was a small group of handpicked, local, lifestyle, fashion and entertainment bloggers in attendance.  The event started with a  quick Q&A for the seasoned hosts, a brief introduction from each blogger and then networking time.  I got to meet some really talented, creative, smart and ambitious individuals…my kind of people!

2015-03-09 00.02.28

Here with the hostess with the mostest, Kitty Bradshaw.  She and some of the other seasoned bloggers shared some very valuable information about branding, networking and how to’s on attracting ad sponsors.  She mentioned that they do these mixers all over the country.  So, if you are interested in finding out if there will be an event in your neck of the woods, hit her up!


Everybody say cheese!! Next to me is fashion blogger  and stylist, Mila Junge H. of Sound of Beauty. Loves her site!




2015-03-09 00.05.40 20150307_132156

Networking.  Me with fashion and lifestyle blogger Cor Jones of Fashion Core blog and Mitzi of MitziMsAdventures .  Cool sites!!  It didn’t dawn on me until after I left the event that Cor and I already followed each other on IG.  So that was cool to meet someone that I had already had contact with and followed on social media.

20150307_124833 20150307_124635

Fun in the sun!  Mingling with these two cutie-pies, fashion bloggers Dolly K. of  Ethnik Culture and Willie Sparks of Sparks N Style .

I had a great time and I’m looking forward to the next event!!!  Stay tuned for Part II of this blog for deets on my look!


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