MORNING COFFEE-June 23, 2014-What I’m wearing…vanilla, chocolate & caramel

Good morn-ting Bizzies!

What a week/weekend!  From Men’s Fashion Week-London, to The World Cup, Summer officially going into effect and  BET Awards Show prep , it’s been crazy! I reconnected with a few old friends from back in the day, made some new friends and was introduced to some new inspirations and ideas.  So, here we are again, another week, another shot, another opportunity to look, feel and do/be better.  Happy Monday folks, let’s go!!!!

Me today!!!


That’s right…pencil skirt!  Told ya, I love the fit, look and style.  It’s such a feminine and classic piece.

Tan pencil skirt-yes Tan pencil skirt-yes 6 Tan pencil skirt-yes 4 20140615_145134

I’m headed to lunch with friends at the beach.  Today is hot so I figured since I’m going to be out by the beach I could do something breezy, so I through on this vanilla knit top with my caramel colored vintage, thrift store found, pencil skirt and topped it off with chocolate accessories.  Like my desert reference?  lol


Last minute switch up, I tucked my top in and liked it better. Now it’s perfect with my Louis Vuitton belt on the outside to cover the top tucked into the skirt for a smooth flow!

20140615_151734 20140615_151745

One last shot right before I go…

tan skirt legs

Okay, see ya, bye!


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  1. I like how you mix and match…especially from the thrift stores..I dont do the malls alot anymore i guess i should try out some thrift stores in my area..

    • Thaank you!!! Yeah, I usually do a thrift store haul at the end/beginning of seasons. People usually want to swap out old stuff and get new or different items to expand their wardrobe for the new season. Try the Buffalo Exchange or thrift stores in the suburbs. A lot of times you’ll find things that are practically brand new if not new! Good luck and let me know what you find!!! XO

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