MORNING COFFEE-June 17, 2014, What to wear-Cherry, Chocolate & Peach

Good morn-tiing Bizzies!

Happy Turn-it-up Tuesday!  Question, would you do cherry, chocolate and peach together? That’s a combination you wouldn’t normally think to combine, unless maybe as a topping combo on your favorite frozen yogurt, but in general, probably not.   Well today’s style was actually inspired by combining those colors to create a fun, colorful, casual look, for spring, that’s affordable and could easily take you from work to happy hour or for a weekend business meeting with clients. It’s  fun, comfortable and sexy!

This look includes a couple of wardrobe basic must-haves or haves:  A button-down shirt, a pencil skirt, strappy sandals and a couple of great accessories.


20140615_155312 20140615_155140

This  unique color palette is a perfect mix of some fall, spring and summer items you may already have in your closet!  Your brown item can be a something from your fall wardrobe, your red item could be apart of your summer wardrobe and your peach item could be from your current spring wardrobe.


20140615_155153 20140615_155848

It’s always good to have a couple of key items you can wear year round. So when doing seasonal shopping, try to pick out a some pieces you can wear season to season and get more bang for your buck!


20140615_155905 20140615_155921

Well, that’s it for today’s what to wear, style inspiration.  Try exploring and mixing colors to create new color palettes for yourself and see what kind of fabulous, fashion forward look you come up with!  Gotta go…

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