MORNING COFFEE-July 8, 2014-Designer Look Book…Christopher Kane 2014 Spring/Summer RTW Collection

Good morn-tiing Bizzies!

Happy Turn-up Tuesday! So, today, I have a fashion treat for you guys.  For those of you who are not in the know, I would like to introduce to you European designer Christopher Kane.   Now, I must admit, I wasn’t familiar with this designer before fashion week last September.  While checking out some of my favorite designers,  I ran across his name and decided to take a peek at his look book and instantly fell in love with his style and unique application of details on his pieces.  I’ve been hooked ever since!   I mean, this designer’s ideas, creativity and inspiration are 2nd to none.  It’s all about the details!  Take a look at my picks from Christopher Kane’s 2014 Spring/Summer Ready to Wear Collection and tell me what you think:

christopher_kane_spring 2014-1 christopher_kane_spring 2014-2

christopher_kane_spring 2014-3 christopher_kane_spring 2014-4

christopher_kane_spring 2014-5 christopher_kane_spring 2014-6

Tear drop cut-outs!? Brilliant!!

christopher_kane_spring 2014-7 christopher_kane_spring 2014-8

christopher_kane_spring 2014-9 christopher_kane_spring 2014-10

christopher_kane_spring 2014-11 christopher_kane_spring 2014-12

christopher_kane_spring 2014-13 christopher_kane_spring 2014-14

christopher_kane_spring 2014-15 christopher_kane_spring 2014-16

christopher_kane_spring 2014-17 christopher_kane_spring 2014-18

christopher_kane_spring 2014-19 christopher_kane_spring 2014-20

christopher_kane_spring 2014-21 christopher_kane_spring 2014-22

christopher_kane_spring 2014-23 christopher_kane_spring 2014-24

christopher_kane_spring 2014-25 christopher_kane_spring 2014-26

christopher_kane_spring 2014-27 christopher_kane_spring 2014-28

But wait, there’s more…shoooooeees!!!!

christopher_kane_spring 2014-Shoes 2 christopher_kane_spring 2014-Shoes 3 christopher_kane_spring 2014-Shoes 4

christopher_kane_spring 2014-Shoes 5 christopher_kane_spring 2014-Shoes 6 christopher_kane_spring 2014-Shoes

See what I mean, his idea of mixing different fabrics designs and styles to create unique, fashionable and wearable looks is phenomenal!  And the shoes!  Yeah.

You can find some of these pieces and items from other collections of his on sale at

Let me know what you think of this designer and this collection.

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