MORNING COFFEE-July 16, 2014…Out and about-Pre-Espy Awards Gifting Suite Event

Good morning Bizzies!

So, here’s whats what, yesterday my business partner, LeMar J. and  I attended a men’s grooming and gifting suite for the 2014 Espy Awards.  What to wear to something like this, hmmm?  I always figure it out.  hee hee.  Anyhoo, the event was held at the California Market Center in the Maxwell Dickson Art Gallery.  It was really nice!  They had a room of top celebrity barbers, groomers and stylists set up for the guests to get shaved and cut up.  There were appetizers, drinks, displays of food, celebrities, athletes and local movers and shakers in the entertainment industry.  My partner and I were there to support PR Rep Davina Douthard and to network and promote our mens fashion, style and grooming magazine, Gents Today.  Check out the pics I took below.  I’ll post more after I get them from our photographer.

20140715_164102  20140715_164304

LeMar J. networking with a gent barber (okay, I forgot his name).  A peek into the grooming suite.

20140715_162847 20140715_162836

Cupcakes by Newny Pooh Cupcakes.  Get this, she mixes some of your favorite cocktail drinks in with the cupcakes!!! I had the mojito.  I’m a cupcake/birthday cake junky! Yu-mmy!!!

20140715_164349 20140715_164946

The atmosphere was maintained by the hot Dj LaLaLand. Artwork by Maxwell Dickson.

20140715_165342 20140715_165231

I figure it out.  I decided to go simple and profashional.  Since it was a mens grooming event for athletes mainly, I didn’t want to go overdressed and I didn’t want to do pants to an already masculine event so, I chose to rock my BCBG grey, tunic dress, belt and my fave Betsy Johnson side-tie heels.  Love these shoes!

More artwork by Maxwell Dickson.  Beautiful pieces don’t you think?


Me with the artist himself.  This picture isn’t that good but he’s really cute ladies!  lol

Maxwell Dickson canvas painting

Another piece that I loooved!  It’s Audrey in graffiti!!!

20140715_165003 20140715_171730

My partner, styling!  This dudes suit game be on point!  This is just a glimpse at how he puts himself together when it’s grind time.

20140715_165918 20140715_170512

Red carpet moments.  Spotted  Sunday Carter (from BBWLA), Olden Polynice and more.  There were lots of other celebs and athletes that I didn’t get pics of.  I was busy networking and eating cupcakes. lol. Our photographer did though.  I’ll post those later on Facebook after I get them from her.


Here we are all coordinated.  Great minds!  LeMar J. and I taking one more pic for the road.  Time to get back to work!!!


Coming and going. Good people, good fun, I’m out!

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