MORNING COFFEE-July 14, 2014-Weekend roundup, Goings -ons and What I wore.

Good mornt-ing Bizzies!!!

Happy Monday Madness!  Hopefully, everyone had a wonderful weekend and got a chance to do something fun, get some rest and/or get a thing or two checked off that to-do list.  This was another bizzy and socially active weekend for me.  It’s summertime in Cali, so there’s always something going on.   I was able to check some things off my to-do list, as well as cleaning out my daughter’s closet, in preparation for her back-to-school/fall wardrobe.  She’s growing so freakin fast, 10 years old and already 5’3″! I’m looking at either a future model, volleyball or a WNBA pro.  Smh.

So, I am so excited about this new project/venture I’m doing with my partner LeMar J. of American Gentlemen Magazine.  With my background in fashion and styling and his background in fashion and photography, the two of us have teamed up to merge our talents and resources to create something BIG….a movement!!!  Gents Today Magazine!   This magazine is designed to cater to, assist and inspire gents from the young, aspiring entrepreneurs, the image conscious professional to the fashion-mista, offering style tips, grooming musts and fashion how to’s to keep him motivated, looking good and on top of his game.  So, ladies if you know of any gents that could use some grooming or style tips or if you are interested in mens fashion yourself, please direct all attention to and subscribe to be updated and in the loop on the trends and style inspirations in mens fashion.  Check us out, I promise you will not be disappointed!

As for my fashion goings-ons this past weekend, I had a couple of social engagements to attend and  here’s what I wore:

20140615_175156 20140615_175205

Late afternoon, meeting with a potential client.

20140615_175207 20140615_175209

I was going for a laid back profashional look.  I’m wearing my favorite wide-leg sailor style pants that I purchased from BCBG and a black sleeveless, sheer, ruffled collar blouse.  It was a perfect sunny Cali day so I grabbed my sun hat to complete my look and to block a bit of the sun.

20140615_175235 20140615_175519

Every since I got my gold watch last year, I’ve changed all of my accessories and hardware to gold.  Love!

20140615_175547-2 20140615_175704-2

Late lunch with the girls.  I’ve been so busy with my blog, working on Gent’s Today and in meetings with potential clients these last few weeks that I had needed to take some time out to meet up with a couple of my girlfriends and get caught up.

I love this shirt dress.  Normally, I would wear it with a pair of skinny jeans but for some reason this day I really wanted to rock it as a dress.  What do you think?

20140615_182333 20140615_182350

This look was perfect for the occasion.  It’s fun, cute, sexy and classy all in one!

20140615_182353 20140615_182440

These are my favorite wedges.  I bought these BeBe beauties a couple of years ago on sale at one of Macy’s shoe clearances for about $20!  Scored!!!


So, there it is, my bizzy weekend and what I wore while out and about!

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  1. It’s soooo hot in Northern Cal and I went to my closet to see what I could wear professionally and what I ended up with was somewhat dorky and unacceptable. I guess the thinner slacks with a golf shirt wasn’t a bad idea but the color schemes were pretty weak. Black dress shoes charcoal grey pants and a Dallas cowboy blue polo shirt with goofy schoolboy horizontal stripes.
    Any good suggestions for professional wear in 100+ degree weather. How do I stay cool in the heat?

  2. Btw looking forward to the gents site. It ain’t easy for us guys to look cool in the heat and land that lucrative contract too.

  3. I ABSOLUTELY Love the hat down picture…Gorgeous,I tooo enjoy wearing the wide leg slacks. My aunt(j)—your mom always made me want a pair in every color as a kid because she caused accidents when she wore hers!

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