MORNING COFFEE-January 25, 2014-Summer Must-have

Good morn-ting Bizzies!

Happy Heres-what-Wednesday!  Today’s heres-what, hot item of the day is a piece that we’ve been seeing this season everywhere from the runway to the streets to the red carpet…the jumpsuit a.k.a. “the jumper”.  This item is so cute, chic, versatile and sexy.  That is, if you find one that fits you perfectly.  Initially, when this ’70’s throwback item came back into style, a couple of years ago,  it was cut to fit long-legged women and most of them were designed with the crotch too long and adjustable straps.  I know because I bought one!  Although I didn’t have much of a problem with it fitting my 5’7 frame, it still wasn’t quite as flattering and it was missing its sexy.  It wore and fit really comfortable… like pj’s though.

But now, the “jumper” has been revamped and there are many different options for this spring/summer must-have for all body types and sizes!


~On the runway:  the lean and long-legged women


~On plus size:  the curvaceous women


~On smaller frames: the petite women

TIP: Although there are many super cute styles and designs out there, keep in mind YOUR body type and shape.  This is key!  There’s nothing worse than an ill-fitted jumper!  Looking like pajamas and you are going for sexy!  I’ve seen it!!! lol.  Anyhoo, you’ll know when a jumper is not working for you because it will do a couple of things that it absolutely shouldn’t and that is:  emphasize your width, making you look wider than you actually are or make you look shorter.  Because this one-piece is cut to cover your body all at once, take advantage of emphasizing your waist by adding a belt to create and accentuate your curves or simply get it altered to fit the areas that it doesn’t.  Also, for some reason, the way that this piece fits most women with junk in the trunk, it can really put emphasis on your goings ons back there.  So, if your bottom tends to applaud when you walk, wear full bottoms to avoid all the extra “action” from your backside while sashaying.  This way you keep the focus on your overall fabulous-ness in your hot jumper!

 Cara-Santana-Low-cut-Black-Jumpsuit Erin-OConnor-Strapless-Blue-Jumpsuit-by-Stella-McCartney Jane-Fonda-Tux-inspired-Black-Jumpsuit-by-Reem-Acra

 Beyonce-Solange-Chime-for-Change-One-Year-Anniversary-Event Mary-J.-Blige-Chic-Raspberry-Jumpsuit-by-Gucci Ultimate catsuit-jumper

Love these looks!!!

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