MORNING COFFEE! Chronicles of a Stylist: Stellar Awards Showcase, Las Vegas

Good mornting Bizzies!

It’s April already! Happy Spring! I am just recovering from a bizzy last couple of weeks.  In between movin’ and shakin’, meetings and working, I’d been preparing for a pretty big weekend in Las Vegas for one of my fave clients, my sister, gospel recording artist, Leah-Joelle.  She was invited to perform at a couple of pre-Stellar Awards showcases for the annual gospel awards show.  It was a pretty big deal and she enlisted her big sis to make sure her look was…on fleek!  (I guess I could have said on point, but being that fleek is the new term for being at the top top of your game, I’m going to roll with that!)  Anyhoo, I’d been preparing her wardrobe for a couple of weeks, working with two of my fave designers, PM Gaji and Legaci Designs to style her in a couple of original pieces.  I couldn’t dare have her showing up looking like err-body else, right? This is my sister!!! lol

So, the process started with deciding what looks would be best for her.  She requested a jumper, which is a hot piece right now and I definitely wanted to get her in a couple of PM Gaji skirts.  Next, I needed  to decide on design, color, fabric, style and then finalize the “looks”. Leah’s itinerary consisted of about three showcases and a couple of interviews, so, I knew I had to have at least three strong looks and one or two back-ups, just in case.

I sat down with Petro Montegos aka Kevin Taylor of Legaci Designs to sketch out a couple of ideas for the jumper and a full flare skirt, which is also a wardrobe must-have this season.  We went fabric shopping and he went to work!

20150313_113411 20150313_135452

I got in touch with Paulette of PM Gaji Designs to order one of her amazing flare skirts and she suggested also doing a dress.  I was super excited about that idea because I am such a huge fan of her style and designs that I knew whatever pieces I’d get from her, would be E-VE-RY-THING!!!!  She sent me a couple of fabric swatches and a sample of the dress she wanted to do and bam!  I knew I would have what I needed for my client’s big Vegas weekend.

2015031395141053 2015031395141105 2015031395141124

IMG952662-1 2015030195150358(0)-2

After a couple of weeks, I picked up the finished pieces from both designers and voila!!! Teamwork makes the dream work!!  As I thought, they are amazing!!

Now, to complete the looks. My idea was to style her classy and sophisticated, but  young and fresh with a bit of an edge. I didn’t want to take her too far away from her own personal style. I just wanted to enhance it and add a little extra star quality for the occasion.  I wanted her to feel confident and to have nothing else to worry about other than shining like the star she is.

So, off I go to pick and pull a couple of things that would complete the ideal looks I had in my head.

20150326_015314 20150325_093238 20150326_015335

We were debating on whether or not to do the jumper for the first showcase or second.  For the first showcase, the show producers wanted to go for a more casual and laid back look for the talent, but being that it wasn’t mandatory and everyone else would probably do denim, we opted to stick with the jumper!  I blinged out a couple of Curtis Christian, christian logo tee”s and created a cool, edgy denim look just in case we changed our minds and went with the program.



Ahh, I love Zigi Soho shoes!

20150326_013331 20150326_013321

Another look was built around the full, bold print skirt from PM Gaji. Looves!! Anyhoo, the hot pink bold print would carry the look do I decided to keep it simple around it.  A fitted, waist length black blazer with a white tank and silver accessories will complete the look.  Now, which shoes…hmmmm.

Next up, another piece the by PM Gaji…The Dress.  Isn’t it gawgeous??!! My thought was that this dress would be perfect for the award show.  The bold floral print with the flare skirt and the bowed neck, yaaaas hunty!! We will need a little drama with the make-up for this one.   Gonna need to enlist in a fab make-up artist.  Ms. Kahlua Parker will need to be added to the glam squad indeed!


Shoes: Betsy Johnson, Zigi Soho and Vince Camuto.

20150325_093739 20150325_093508

Back up, casual look for just in case.  Flare skirt by Legaci Designs with either a tee or denim top. Denim button down shirts are trending now with full flare skirts.  I found these really cute plaid pumps for a touch of print that matched perfectly.


20150325_094326 20150325_100121

Another back-up look.  The Curtis Christian tee I blinged out paired with ripped jeans.  Instead of topping it off with a blazer I’m doing a plaid embossed cape.  Cute accessories to dress things up a bit and tie the look together.

20150313_144507 20150313_144309

Jewelry I considered from the jewelry mart downtown L.A.

Okay, so the kinks have been ironed out, the final pieces have been chosen, make-up by Kahlua Parker and here she is:

2015-03-29 17.50.29  20150328_143602 20150328_143606

I kept the look clean and simple.  Just a few accessories to add some bling and play off the bling in these Zigi Soho shoes that were a part of my personal collection. I added a cute little pin to the clutch to give it some life and to tie it into the look as well.  She looks red-carpet ready…if I say so myself!



Again, simple and clean.  This jumper in this blue is everything!  I opted to do the Steve Madden graffiti sandal for a bit more drama and edge to a very sophisticated and chic jumper look.  I didn’t want anything to interfere with that bow hunty so, all of the action was way above or below it.

As you recall, in the pics of the jumper above, the pant leg is wide.  I decided to, again, add some drama and tuck them into the top strap of the shoe to give the jumper a whole other look.

2015-03-27 20.42.28 20150327_202314

For more information on any of the pieces in this post feel free to email me or leave a message in the comment section.

Glam squad credits, follows and contact info:


PM Gaji: IG-PMGajiDesigns

Legaci Designs: FB-Legaci Designs

Curtis Christian Tee:


Zigi Soho: IG-Ziginy

Vince Camuto:

Make-up artist…

Kahlua Parker:


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