MORNING COFFEE!- 2015 Black Girls Rock…Re-cap and My Red Carpet Picks

Good morntiiing Bizzies!

Happy Mondaay and belated Easter!  So, last night I watched the annual Black Girl Rocks awards ceremony and I have to say I really enjoyed the show.  I was all caught up in the positive and encouraging energy.  This year they had some really good honorees:  Jada Pinkett-Smith, Ava DuVernay, Cicely Tyson and Erykah Badu, to name a few.  The speeches were powerful and empowering.  The first lady, Michelle O’bama’s speech was very inspiring and encouraging, and so was Jada Pinkett-Smith (who was intro’d by her hubby Will), but Ms. Cicely Tyson, spoke to me.  She was honored with the Living Legend award.  In her acceptance speech, she said “The moment anyone tries to demean or degrade you in any way, you have to know how great you are,” “No one is going to bother to put you down, if you were not a threat to them!”  Preeeaaach!!  And the beat goes on!!!

Okay, real it back in…..The performances were great as well. Everybody did good.  I really liked the song Faith Evans sang.  Estelle was good too, and that Fantasia…is, a beast!!!  They had an 70’s flashback moment with Kathy Sledge, Cheryl Lynn and Alicia Myers that took me back to when I was a kid and first heard their songs.  Did I just tell my age??  lol  Anyhoo, overall, I really enjoyed the show and would actually love to attend some day. Gots a lot of work ahead of me.

Now, the good part.  Red carpet fave looks…

Tracy Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross giving you throwback mommy, Ms. Diana Ross in this cute white one sleeved number.

Jada Pinkett Smith

Another white haute number.  Jada Pinkett-Smith killin it!  I love errthing about this look!  She looks a-mazing!

Tateyana Ali

I thought Tatyana Ali looked stunning in this black lace top jumper.  Very sophisticated. Looves!

Sheila E.

Look at Ms. Sheila E. Rockin this assymetric shoulder, python print number.  She looks hot and doesn’t look like she’s aged one bit!  Rock, rock, holly rock…

MC Lyte

M.C. Lyte look very chic in this sparkling black number.

Lil Mama

And look at Lil Mama, looking all grown up in red.  Loves!

Layla Hathaway

Go head on Layla!  This jumper is perfect for a full-figured curvy women.  Low cut and wide legs. It balances out the figure.  She looks stunning!

I’m loving the natural hair on the carpet!  Yaaas!!!

Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae hunty, suit off!!! Belly out!!  She looked amazing!!

Faith Evans

Faith Evans looks cute!  I loves everything about this look.

Ava DuVernay

Awww, another haute red number.  Director Ava DuVernay looking stunning and elegant.

I was just thinking that a lot of times these red carpet looks lack that extra effort with the hair or accessories, but I must say, on each one of the above looks, these ladies are killing it from head to toe.  Kudos to their glam squads.  Details, details, details!!  Black Girls Rock!!!

That’s it for now.  Check back later for Monday Madness…Easter fashion foolery!

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