Okay so, it’s been week since Ye and Kim K. tied the knot.  Are these images signs of whats to come……

Kim and Kanye post marriage

LMAO.  But for now, what about these?  A cape with lapels?!?  I’m concerned.

Kimye  kim-kardashian-kanye-west-rome-italy-10192012-19-435x580

Clearly Ye is the boss.  I’ve been looking at these pictures and Kim’s dresses?!…….. I have to say, I’m a bit bothered.  I don’t think Kim K. pre Ye would have donned these get ups on her own. This is a sign of future madness.  I’m just saying. What do you think?  Fabulous or Shenanigans ( in my Joseline Hernandez LHHA voice )? Lol

My prediction, after all the hype dies down, is that Ye is going to kill off Kim Kardashian and she will be known as Kimberly West a.k.a the fashionista formally known as Kim K.!

And what did you guys think of her wedding dress?  I wasn’t impressed.  The 2011 Couture Givenchy gown didn’t seem like her either.  I mean it was elegant but it didn’t seem like a Kim K. pick.  If you watched her second wedding to Chris Humphries and remember her selection process then you know she wouldn’t have selected this style for her marriage to Ye.  I was expecting something a bit more sexy and tailored specifically for a bombshell like Kim.  Oh well, let’s just keep an eye on Ye.  I’m telling you, you heard it here first, he’s going to kill Kim K. off!! lol  But don’t worry, you’ll have front row seats at the funeral here as we remember her in all of her fabulousness pre-Yeezus.


  1. LOL!!!! YES!!! Finally someone has said it! Kim has been sporting a “classier” and more “sophisticated” look lately, but let’s face it…it’s not who she is. Her call to fame, “What made her” is proof of it. I totally agree with you on the wedding dress! It was beautiful but it didn’t look right on her. When someone is wearing something expresses who they are, they will own the look and I just didn’t get that from Kim on her wedding day.

    Love your articles Bizzy T!!! Keep em’ coming!!!

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