MONDAY MADNESS-June 16, 2014-Fashion Foolery

Okay, so over the weekend I ran across a couple of item/celebs with some disturbing wardrobe choices.  I mean, of all the designers all there and of all the free items they get, I hate to keep asking myself…WHYYYYYY!!!!!

So first up, Kendall Jenner.  This youngin is popping up everywhere.  I mean, at all kinds of red carpet premieres and events.  Why?  Because Kim is too busy being killed off by Kanye and is planning a quick reincarnation as the new and improved Kimberly West?  Because Khloe is busy globe-trotting with her, using her for publicity, boo-thang?  Or, is it because Kourtney just insists on having kids for Rob and Khloe? lol  I just can’t seem to figure it out!  Anyhoo, the child needs her butt whipped for selecting this number… or whoever is trying to make her the next Kim K.-the clean version.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner walk the red carpet at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto

Don’t get me wrong, the gown itself is beautiful.  I just don’t think it’s appropriate for her.  We shouldn’t know whether or not this young girl has underwear on, period. She’s not on the runway!  She’s on the red carpet at a music awards show in Toronto.  I just think it’s too much and border line ratchet!!

On another note, another youngin doing too much is Evelyn Lozado’s daugher,  Shaniece Hairston.  Granted, she just turned 21, but still that’s no excuse to be out in public practically naked.  Is this what the young ladies are resorting to, to stay or become relevant?  Whatever happened to a cute, sexy cocktail dress and all you can drink? Now is it all you can see, at 21???  People, these young ladies are not big time pop-stars!   So there’s no need for the world to know or even speculate on whether or not they have on undies, period.  This is how you set your daughter’s up for relationship failure.  Send them out to the world, in this day and age, practically naked when men/boys are having a hard time respecting and committing to women as it is.  They’re showing of the goods before even getting a date!  Anyway, check out her dress and let me know what you think:

Shaniece Hairston 21st bday Shaniece Hairston 21st bday.png 2

Now granted, the dress is hot!  I just can’t justify why this 21 year old is wearing it, and out with her other at what looks like some sort of dinner party.

Next up, Mindy Kaling in Moschino Cheap & Chic.  As much as I heart her, lately she has been MISSING the boat in these red carpet get-ups.  She does have a waist, but you would never know it in these smocks.   See, if you are forced to wear something like this or let’s say you simply like it, pleeeasse do us all a favor and add a belt!  The dress itself isn’t bad, I actually like it, it’s just not working for her and especially for a red carpet look!

So, ladies if you happen to own a dress that’s nice and comfy like this one, don’t wear it out the house without separating your bust from your waist.  Thanks!



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