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Okay, so every Monday I will be posting my weekend fashion foolery for those who don’t know or understand quite what fashion foolery is.  Last Monday I was able to do a whole post on Kimye and drop some knowledge on my theory of where the newly named Mrs. West was going with her fashion game.  This week I have a couple of fashionistas that needed someone to issue them tickets for these fashion violations.  So, here we go:

First up-Rita Ora:

Now granted Ms. Ora has been doing her thing lately and she recently inked a deal with Adidas (my favorite sneaker brand), I still could not let this foolery slide.  A basketball jacket?  No, literally, a basketball jacket.  Her adidas, Jeremy Scott heels, hmmm, I’m still on the fence about those, but the rest of this get up…I can’t!


Next, Queen Bey:

Now this pic was circulating early last week and I was going to let it slide being that I’m a little late posting it, but even Bey isn’t exempt from getting a ticket with this get up on.  The braids, the top, the lollipop!?!  I don’t get it!  Lately, she’s been posting a lot of sexy pics of herself as if she just can’t stand being out of the spot light while Kimye is getting theirs on.  Anyhoo, Bey, most of the time you are a style inspiration but this here foolery, ummmm…I can’t!

Beyonce-Noooo-lving HamptonsBeyonces-New-York-City-Topshop-Pink-Crinkle-Flower-Shirt-and-Burberry-Prorsum-White-Lace-Pencil-Skirt

This just in…Blue Ivy spotted looking like an orphan!!!! Somebody call the people on Bey and Jay.   I can’t!  Comments…..?

Blue Ivy looking a mess

And right behind Bey is welter-weight elevator champion of the world, Solo!

Solange looks like Blue Ivy!!!! I mean, forreal, this looks like an outpatient smock if I’ve never seen one!  Now Solange is known to slip up every now and then but what kind of foolery is this when you juuuust opened up a can of whoop as on one of the biggest rap stars in the game  and all eyes are on you??  Did you think just because you were in New Orleans you could probably blend in?? SMH  Or maybe she just ran out to get a comb!! lol   Either way, your on the Monday Madness list boo.   And although she redeemed herself  at the CFDA last week, shortly after this treacherous picture surface, I still needed to educate those of you that may have thought this look was haute. NOPE!

 Last, but not least, Ms. Adrienne Bailon:

Now this would’ve been okay I guess if it didn’t make her look like she’s been hanging out with her ex, Rob Kardashian!  I’m not sure what is going on with this fit.  Is it her or the dress?  I hate to see little petite women get it wrong.  They have everything working in their favor, well at least most of the time!  Either way, it’s all wrong and someone in her camp should’ve pull her aside before she left the building!! I no, can do!!

Adrienne Bailon arrives at the 2014 Fresh Air Fund Honoring Our American Hero held at Pier Sixty at Chelsea Piers in New York City

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  1. HA!LARIOUS!!! I don’t know wuts up with Bey not combing her baby Blue’s hair. It was cute foe a minute . . . you know when ur first born and some weeks thereafter when your hair is sleek shiny and soft. Well how long has Blue Ivy Been here now?

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