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Good afternoon and Happy Monday Madness Bizzies!  So, while taking a break from all of the activities this past weekend I ran into a couple of situations that had to be posted in the Monday Madness file!  This Monday we have a couple of new offenders and some regulars.  Let’s  get started:

Kourtney Kardashian.  First of all, congrats on the pregnancy!  2nd, is this the kind of ish your third pregnancy causes you to do?  She looks tired, but obviously not tired enough to take an extra second to match up these cut-off overalls with a pair of snake-skin gladiator sandals and white button down top.  They say style is what you make it, but I’m trying to understand what’s going on here!  Oh, I get it, her stylist Monica Rose must’ve been busy with Kendall and Kylie.  See the Kardashians got every body thinking they have all this style when clearly what they have is a genius stylist and glam squad.  Case in point, this is the shenanigans they pull when they’re left to dress themselves!!!! lol Smh

Kourtney Kardashian wraps dinner with a friend in Malibu

Rita Ora.  I swear, she stays in my Monday Madness posts!  I wonder if she knows and is committing these fashion faux paus and crimes on purpose??  Hmmm.  Anyhoo, the look isn’t that bad it’s the over exposure of labeling that I’m having a problem with.  Ladies, please, understand that it is not cute or cool to sport the name brand on the outside of each item you have on!  It’s just silly and classless.  And it’s not like the label made this outfit look any better.  In fact, it actually took away from it.  Oh, Rita, every time you show up and do good, you turn around and show out!!!!

Rita Ora seen leaving the Chiltern Firehouse hotel in London

Golden Brooks.  Well, well, well, if you were wondering what happened to or what was up with the rest of the girls from Girlfriends, we found one of them right here. Here’s another one that probably dressed herself.  And if she didn’t, I’M GOING TO FIRE HER STYLIST!!!   I mean, forreal??  The funny thing is, Gabriel Union had this same exact outfit on in black at a different Think Like A Man Too premier but it looked completely different on her.  She selling the look, but I’m just not buying this monstrosity of a situation.  The shoes, the bag and the accessories are ALL WRONG here and yeah, I’m upset.  Whyyyyyy! Smh.  Next!!!!!

PremiereScreenGemsThinkLikeManRedCarpetGolden Brooks

And, this one!!! His girl is a stylist.  See, this is the ish that goes down when you live with someone who has all kinds of fashion sense and style in the world but YOU decide YOU gonna do what YOU want to do anyway!  Fabulous looking creepy at the NYC premier of Think Like A Man Too a couple of days ago.  I didn’t bother to post his whole look because I couldn’t get past this shot!!!  Get yo grill man!


lol.  Fashion fun ya’ll!


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