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Happy 2016!!!  Okay, so today is the first installment of this years T.V.Talk Tuesday and hunty, I must say, this season’s line up  of shows have me all fired up and motivated to chit-chat!!  Last week I checked out a couple of anticipated show premieres and  debut’s.  I had mixed feelings about some and others delivered the hype!  I will  be doing reviews and re-caps on a couple of new shows like Stevie J. and Joseline Go Hollywood, Real Housewives of Potomac, Growing Up Hip Hop and a couple of old faves such as Hit The Floor, The Voice and Empire (starting back up in March).

First up, this week’s show review and re-cap is on Growing Up Hip Hop.  Episode 1 debuted on Thursday, January 7th on We TV.  So,  the cast consist of the off springs of some of Hip Hop and R& B’s biggest artist from the 80’s and 90’s!  Definitely a few of my faves! Introducing Executive Producer and cast member Angela Simmons ( daughter of Rev Run, from Hip Hop supergroup Run D.M.C., and niece of Hip Hop mogul Russell Simmons).  I basically watched her grow up on TV.  So, I’m thinking it should be interesting to see what she’s up to now.  Same thing with Lil Romeo, (Master P., from No Limit’s son), basically watched him grow up too.  Also, in the cast is Kristinia DeBarge, (Daughter of James DeBarge, and niece of El DeBarge, of the famous DeBarge family).  Trivia:  her dad was Janet Jackson’s first husband.  Uhn huh, so Janet couldv’e been her mom.  lol.  T.J. Mizell, (Jason “Jam Master Jay” Mizell, from Run D.M.C., son).   Damon “Boogie” Dash II, (Damon Dash a.k.a Dame Dash of Roc-A-Fella Records son).  Egypt Criss, (daughter of Pepa, from Hip Hop’s female super group, Salt-N-Pepa and Treach from Naughty By Nature).  It’s crazy because these kids look just like their parents!  If you don’t already know, see if you can tell who belongs to who??


Anyhoo, the show kicks off with Angela Simmons doing what she does, prepping for the release of her new faux fur coat line, Foofi…cute.  She looks amazing!  Such a pretty young lady.  Then, Lil Romeo. He’s been a cutie patootie all his life!  His father called him to come and have a “sit down” yeah, mob style and in true knock off Master P. fashion, to advise him that he needs to prepare to take over the Lion Empire…Oops!  I mean, No Limit Records Empire.  My bad, it was like a scene out of Empire though. Lol  Cut back to a playful conversation between Angela Simmons and one of her girls about her thing/fling with Romeo from a while back. The chemistry between these two is obvious!


At this point, I’m like okay, that would be cute.  All of a sudden, cut back to Romeo with Brittney Spears!!! lol.  Well, not exactly but she sure looked a lot like a throw back Brittney!  So, this is actually his real boo or his “rib” as he referred to her.  Hmmm, okaaaay!  But what had happened to you and Angela though?!??  He didn’t answer me!  lol Instead  he proceeded to shed tears over a couple of comments about him choosing to be with Baby Spice aka, a white girl!  Whaaat!?  Tears…really?!  Ya had to know there would be a problem.  Your dad came from da hooood!!!


Cut to him showing up at Angela’s meeting before her show and he tells her he wants her to check out his girl….”I’m trying to make her like you”  SMH.  Whaaaat!? Angela was like, huh? I guess he thought he was giving her a compliment!  Yeah, okay!

~Side convo for my sister girls:  See, this is why you shouldn’t get mad at the brothers that choose others.  There’s a reason!!!!  Needless to say, he’s not the sharpest tool in the toolbox!!!  Just sayin.

Carry-on!  Next, an event that night a few of the other cast members show up to support Boogie’s art gallery.  Dame Dash expressed his desire to hook up with Master P. back in the day and since that didn’t happen, Romeo and Boogie should do it.  Hmmm, let’s take a second and ponder what that collabo would have been like, Dame Dash and Master P., another strip club, gangsta movie? Did we really need another?  In walks Pepa and her mini-me, Egypt checking in with the rest of the cast.  Then Dame Dash, uum, Uncle Dame Dash, decides to “school” Angela about the difference between their “struggle” today as young entrepreneurs and his struggle back in the day.


Needless to say, he rubbed Angela the wrong way.  He was like Debbie Downer a.k.a. the scene killer!  Buuut, he did drop some knowledge and offered up some valuable info and advice for them all to chew on.

This episode ended with most of the cast at a birthday celebration for DJ T.J. Mizell’s 24th b-day.  In the midst of the celebration and while chillin in V.I.P. Angela jumps up frantic and bee line for the door.  Angela was clearly freaked out and announced that some chic that tapped her on the shoulder was a stalker and she was uncomfortable.  Apparently, the “stalker” has been posting stuff to Angela on her Instagram account.  Okay, see this is what Dame was talking about.  These kids don’t have “real” problems.

It’s funny that as hard as the parents are, these kids are all like kept, proper, private school kids. Not a lick of street in any of them!  Anyhoo, they are all vying to make a name for themselves and prove themselves beyond their parents shadows. To be young, rich and in New York! Sigh.


On Episodes 2 and 3,  Angela is still dealing with her “stalker” issue and preparing for the debut of her faux fur line, Foofi. Romeo prepares to take over the reigns at No Limit Records when he gets news that he has been casted as lead in the movie Jarhead 3. Pep is trying to help Egypt get her music career started by having her perform live with her and Salt at a festival and acting as her momager at a recording session, that she got kicked out of.  By the way, Egypt’s singing….uuum, yeah, let’s just say there’s a lot of work that needs to be done! Kristinia DeBarge has to cancel performing at Angela’s Foofi premier because of issues with her dad.  He was recently released from jail.  Her uncle El called her and informed her that he had relapsed and is missing! Not only does she have some real talent, she may actually be the one with real probs!

Take a look at a clip from the next episode:


Overall, I think the show is worth checking out. It’s entertaining and offers some inspiration, insight and motivation to aspiring artists or anyone who wants to live vicariously through this bunch of rich kids.

I love the cameos and guest appearances by El DeBarge, Dame Dash, Pepa, Treach and Rev Run.  It’s kind of  cool to see some of my faves in the roles as parents and mentors. I feel like there’s going to be lots more drama (real and fake), from the Drama Queen, Angela, the fellas will offer heart-throb moments, some growth from young Egypt and some struggle and triumph from the show’s under-dog Kristinia.

So, that’s it for this week’s T.V. Talk Tuesday Bizzies.  Tune in for Episode 4  tonight at 9 and let me know what you think.

Stay tuned for more re-caps from more of my fave show’s this season.


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