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Happy Tuesdaaay!!!  I told myself that I wasn’t going to partake in promoting the Kardashian’s  and their foolery BUT…..the episode I’ve been waiting for finally aired!  The Kardashian’s were filming when Lemar Odom overdosed and went into a coma at the Bunny Ranch in Las Vegas, this past October.  My first thoughts, after finding out that Khloe rushed to be by his side, was that she was going to do everything in her power to protect him and not let the Kardashian’s exploit and benefit from his demise.   Weeellll….

The show kicks off with Kim, Khloe and Kylie sitting discussing ideas for Kris’ 60th birthday when a much slimmer and sexy Khloe mentioned that she respected Lemar for liking her when she was her worst, referring to the “fat Khloe”.  Kim asks, “Is that what Lemar has on you?”  Smh! Shaaade!

Next “scene”  Kris is a guest on her friend, Heather McDonald’s, podcast when she was asked about her boy-toy Cory. Uhk!  Why does she consistently feel the need to promote this relationship!  No one cares, mini-Kim!

Side convo…Kris’ boy toy Corey works my nerves!  Something about him is not sitting well with me!  I mean, I’ve never seen somebody look so desperate to be apart of a group before in my life! They have been together for a year, at the time of taping this episode, and he’s already calling the kid’s his grand-kids and chiming in on family matters and just really trying to be liked, all while consciously trying to come across like he escaped having to check his balls at the door, like all of the rest of the men in the Kardashian girls lives!  Man please!!! I feel like he offered up his balls on the second date!! lol  I can’t deal with TWO things in particular though, and then I’m done with this sitchiation and they are, this dudes feminine shape and his bad a** grammar!!!!  Every scene he just looks so out of place.  Kind of like the help. I’m so confused about what Kris Kardashian is doing with this dude besides the fact that he’s a young and black?! Rumor has it that they are already married. Hunty, the thirst is real!!!


Anyhoo,  so this episode mostly dealt with the girls trying to come up with ideas to plan Kris’s surprise 60th birthday party, which they decided  to do a re-make of a video the girls father, Rob Kardashian, did for her Kris’ 30th birthday, Kim’s pregnancy issues and check-ups  were also apart of this episode.  As well as, Kanye surprising her with a dress like “pregnant Kim”  themed party.  Oh and also Kourtney mentioned Scott Disick going to rehab, for the 15th time. Poor guy.

I love how annoyed Kim looks every time one of her sister’s share that they’ve been contacted or even brings up their ex!  Classic!


Okay, so now to the part I was waiting for, to see how much details of Lemar’s ordeal would be aired. Just before Kim’s surprise b-day party a message flashed across the television screen:


Details of what was going on and how they are all concerned about Lemar were being talked about  at Kim’s surprise birthday party between Kris and a friend.  It was repeated that Khloe rushed to the hospital and hadn’t left his side. Then they show a shot of Kris on the phone allegedly speaking to someone about Lemar needing an attorney, “the best attorney” in case he has to face charges.  They made sure to show her appearing to be handling business for him. It’s like, unless you happened to be in a coma yourself during the time Lemar overdosed, they wanted to make sure everyone knew that they were very instrumental in saving his life and his recovery.  Their PR game is real!!!  I don’t think what they did warranted any merit awards.  In situations like this, it’s what you do and it’s nobody’s business who did what.   After watching the episode, I feel like they could have left the Kardashian high lights out.  I mean, there was enough going on in this episode, with all the partying, that the note on the screen could have flashed and they could have just kept on with their show.

I argued, back in October, when this whole thing went down, that Khloe absolutely would not allow Lemar’s situation to be exploited and apart of the Kardashian story line.  Hmmm, I guess me and Khloe both lost that fight!

Oh yeah, one more thing, Caitlyn showed up to Kim’s party dressed like Kris, as usual, and sat at the table with Kris and her boy-toy. Kris proceeded to give Caitlyn unsolicited advice about having back up shoes when she wears heels!  WTF!! The foolery! Now, errbody knows they can’t stand each other!!!   I feel like Caitlyn secretly wants to take Kris down and get her balls back…. if it’s the last thing she does!!!! lmao

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Also, catch Selma Blair as Kris Jenner and Cuba Gooding, Jr as O.J.  Simpson in the premier of The People v. O.J. Simpson on FX tonight.  Looks like it might be good.  Let me know what ya think!


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