AFTERNOON T.!-Throwback Thursday…Where are the now? Digable Planets

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“Just sending funky rhythms right down ya block, we be to rap like key be to lock,and I’m cool like that…”

Who dees people? Well, unless you were blind or deaf in 1993, you should know or have heard of The Digable Planets.  Haaay Butterfly! lol


Digable Planets aka Butterfly, Doodlebug and Ladybug Mecca was known for their Jazz/Hip Hop infused music creating a smooth and cool blend of the two genres of music. This made their style absolutely unique from other rap/hip-hop artist during the 90’s, when Gangsta rap was prevalent in the transition of Rap to Hip Hop. They were considered to be “conscious” rappers along with other groups and artists such as Common, A Tribe Called Quest, Del the Funky Homosepian,  The Coup and Mos Def, just to name a few.  Digable Planets won a Grammy in 1995 for Best Rap Group.  Check out their No. 1 hit Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like That):

I use to loooove that track!!!!  Today, Craig “Doodlebug” Irving , Mary Ann “Ladybug Mecca” Vieira  and Ishmael “Butterfly” Butler  are all actively pursuing solo projects after a failed attempt to reunite in 2012.  Awww.


Butterfly (CoKo-from SWV’s babydaddy)  has collaborated with multi-instrumentalist Tendai ‘Baba’ Maraire to create the group Shabazz Palaces are set to release their sophomore Shabazz Palaces LP Lese Majesty in July 2014.  If you are not familiar with the sound of Shabazz Palaces, its like it’s like a hip-hop, jungle/electronic instrument based sound.  It’s interesting.


Doodlebug is now known as Cee Knowledge and tours with a band called Cee Knowledge & the Cosmic Funk Orchestra that released two albums in limited edition on FarmHouse Records.


Finally, Ladybug,who now goes by DJ Lady Mecca,  after releasing a couple of successful solo albums and featuring on tracks with multiple Hip Hop artist, is now a deejay that spins Hip Hop and Electronica focusing on introducing audiences to new music mixes and mash-ups.

Ladybug Mecca

..And I’m cool like that, I’m out, I’m out, I’m out!!! lol


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