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It’s been a minute since I’ve posted a T.V. Talk Tuesday’s blog, but last night’s anticipated premiere of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta had me talking to the T.V. during the whole freakin episode!  One thing for sure, this show is more scripted than ever.  I mean, ratchet TV was in full effect ya’ll!  lol  Nothing was making sense….in a real life kind of way. Okay, so, I’m just gonna jump in.  Momma Dee, I can’t take her.  I’m sorry.  The whole drama leading up to her appearance on the show was out of control.  I guess she is  now a recording artist and doing shows…really?!?  Why…cause she deserve??!!  Who starts a music career at 80?  Oh, the mothers on Love and Hip H0p, dat’s who!!  Heeey Momma Jones!!!  SMH.



Momma Dee I Deserve

And now her and Erica are all cool after two seasons of them constantly opening up multiple cans of whoop a** on each other. Aaand she has dug up a former love interest to add to her story line.

Kurt and Rasheeda still trying to put a muzzle on the rumors about him being on the down low ie. gay…which seems to be true to me err time I look at him.  He has signed a new female artist named Ashley Nicole and the big secret is that instead of renting office space to do business out of and for his wife to have a place to run her business, he signs a lease on an apartment!  See what I mean….foolery.

Kirk ant Ashley Nicole

They are killing me trying to make Kurt appear to be some sort of cheating ladies man.  I’m confused!


And Nikko Smith, the show’s new villian, is back with his estranged wife, Margaux, in tow. I guess the idea with him, besides letting it be known that he is pimping MiMi, is to tell their side of the story.  At their sit-down Margeaux is now claiming that they had an open relationship and guess what? She didn’t know about him and MiMi and the sex-tape!?.  Smh. She broke down but not before putting it out there that she was seeing someone too and it was cool to be dating MiMi but to do a sex-tape….boohooo booohooo! lol  I don’t know if I’m prepared for all of the foolery that is Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, this season.   I mean, I don’t know if I have the patience!



Meanwhile, MiMi is all over the show acting like she is this bonified boss-b*tch that’s soooo tough, is killing me!

MiiMi Faust

When really, she keeps coming across like she has rocks for brains! It confuses me how dumb this chic is! Or is it an act?? Hmmm. Anyhoo, I know that there are people who want to feel sorry for her because “she was taken advantage of” but really, who gets a boob job, does an “unauthorized” sex tape, and then cry that they didn’t know all while signing on to make a lot of money and attempting to become a star??  Oh, Kim Kardashian!  Now she and Stebie (Stevie J.) are doing business together??!  Umm, the thirst is real!

Joseline H

Missing from the premiere last night was Joseline Hernandez.  Where is she, was the question of the night. Supposedly, she is in Puerto Rico in therapy.  In the meantime, MiMi is taking verbal shots against her every chance she got. I don’t know about this season. The story lines are pretty much the same.  It’s the same folks fighting, the same folks naked and the same folks trying hard to stay relevant with the exception of a the addition of more dimpled bottomed, big booty recruits added into the mix. lol

Jessica Dime "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" Season 3 Premiere Private Viewing Party

Jessica Dime, Joseline Hernandezs’ stripper mate turned rapper from Miami and Tiffany Foxx, St. Louis rapper and protegé of Lil Kim.

The trailer does a good job pumping this season up though.  Take a look and let me know what you think.

Oh, yeah, in case you’re wondering where’s Benzthea.  Benzino and his girl Althea allegedly got fired because it was believed that they started/instigated the fight that sent Joseline into a raging fit on the reunion show from last season.

On a more positive note, I can’t wait for Empire to come back!  I heard that there’s a possibility that Tyrese, Foxy Brown,….will all be joining the cast! It’s rumored that a lot of other A-list celebrities, ie., Justin Beiber and Beyonce want to make appearances on the show as well.  Me too, shooot!  lol It is going to be Epic…and I can’t wait for my Wednesday night dates to be back in full effect!



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  1. Baaaaaaby!!!!!!! Say that, this show is hilarious and full of washed up wanna b’s..I wanna see what the “FOXX” bringing to the trap tho..I wont watch, but i’ll listen to all the people who crave this tv drug show. Lol Until next time…

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