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Real Housewives of Atlanta-Kandi’s Getting Married!

kandi_burruss_joyce_todd_tucker1 mama-joyce-reveals-wedding-drama-kandi-burruss-rhoa-todd-tucker-prenup-the-jasmine-brand

Momma Joyce, Momma Joyce.  That’s all I got in this moment.  Smh.  This lady and aaallll of her shenanigans are killing me and pushing me to side with Todd.  I mean, we haven’t seen or heard of him doing anything but in the beginning I kind felt for Momma Joyce because I thought she was coming from a place of fearing losing another child.  This show alone has changed my mind completely.  This lady is nuts!!!!  Still to this second there is no proof of her accusations about Todd and his parents. Which again was so low of her to attempt to expose on national T.V.


This episode opens with Kandi and her wedding planning team  brainstorming about a venue for the wedding, doing a walk through and auditioning dancers.  Everyone around Kandi, including Todd are very doubtful about her ideas and being able to pull off this luxury planned wedding in four weeks, but Kandi is very confident that she can get it done.  I loooove her we-can-do-it attitude!  So, after the venue is secured, ideas discussed and dancers selected, Kandi needed to have a conversation with her dad to ask him to officiate the wedding.  In their heart to heart conversation, her dad revealed that basically relationship sabotage runs on her moms side of the family.  Apparently, her aunts filled Momma Joyce’s head with rumors that Kandi’s dad cheated on her.  He said he came home one day and the locks to his house had been changed.  He already didn’t like the fact that the sisters would come over, hang out and smoke and drink.  He also went on the explain to her that the reason he gave up on trying to pursue a relationship with her is because they (Kandi’s mom and aunts) had put a restraining order out on him.  After shedding some tears upon hearing her dad’s side of the story, Kandi got herself together and asked if he would officiate her wedding.  In the meantime, Momma Joyce is meeting up with Kandi’s other bff, Tan, to try on some wedding dresses until Kandi arrives.  Tan is trying to explain to Momma Joyce that her behavior against Carmon the last time they all got together to go look at wedding gowns was unacceptable.  She asked that Momma Joyce just respect Kandi’s feelings.  Momma Joyce agreed as she tried to pull out a black dress to wear to the wedding citing that she feels more like it’s a funeral than a wedding.  Fast forward to the sit down.  After a couple of conversations with Kandi’s dad and Apollo about Momma Joyce and the pre-nup, Kandi’s mom stopped by and is slowly crescendoed into a hot mess.  Momma Joyce took every opportunity she could to take shots at him until he just got fed up and decided to put her on the spot about her accusations that his parents were pimps and his mom a prostitute.   Yet again, she had no proof or solid reference for the allegations.  Todd still speaking at an even tone and Momma Joyce, well if you’ve seen the show you know how she get’s down.  While they are going back and forth and Momma Joyce is throwing low down negative shots, Kandi  is just sitting there with the most ridiculous, confused looking face ever.  She wished Kandi a happy, happy, happy marriage and said “from this day forward she’s on her own!”  Smh.  By Felicia! lol

After watching this episode, my thoughts are that Momma Joyce is just being flat out disrespectful and selfish because she doesn’t have any respect for Kandi.  She knows her daughter is gullible because she’s has been playing Kandi all this time so now she is concerned that everyone else close to Kandi is as well.  She’s the pimp with all the game!  This whole situation she has created is a simple case of deflecting.  If she makes Todd and Carmon look like the bad guys no one would look at her and suspect her of being the bad guy when clearly, just based on the fact that you can not stand by your daughter’s sane, adult decision to attempt to be happy,  you have an ulterior motive.   Okay, I’m sorry but if I was Todd or if he was one of  my relatives , I WOULD NOT support going forward with this wedding.  Momma Joyce is too much for anyone to have to deal with!

Married to Medicine: ” Blind Date”

Married to medicine-Cynthia Bailey wap-married-to-medicine-season-2-dr-simone-does-not-think-toya-is-that-bright_0

To be honest, I’m not sure how much of this show I can take.  I did make it through this week’s episode though.


Okay, so Lisa Nicole is planning her fashion show and enlisted in the one and only Cynthia Bailey to help her with the model casting call.  Although none of the models were from the Bailey Agency, it was nice of her to show up and lend her expertise.  Toya and her husband Dr. are still trying to work out the situation with them trying to get the house they’ve been waiting to close on for months and the seller is asking them to put in another $10,000 on top of the $50,000 they already put down.  Long story short, they don’t have the additional $10,000 and the contract with the $50,000 payment had expired so they didn’t get the house and lost their money.  But, Toya had a conversation with one of the parents at her sons daycare and the parent revealed that her husband was an NBA player and he had just been traded so. they have to move out of their home asap.  Toya was ecstatic!  She did a drive by to see the house and went nuts with excitement.

Ms. Quad pitched the puppy couture line with samples to the investors and they loved it.  She asked that they front her $30,000 to put on a fashion show and the investors agreed to give her $15,000 to start and if they’re pleased with what they see prior to the show, they will give her the other $15,000.  Buuut, when she got home, Dr. Gregory was on one!  He lit into her a** about putting all her time and energy into this line when there are more important things she could be doing.  He completely broke it down to help her put things into perspective.  And oh yeah, he called her “brand new”.  She accused him of not being supportive and got upset with him for telling her that “Pets are not humans!”   Quad argued that point with him by trying to explain that they have feelings too, but he wasn’t having it, period.

It was quiet on the Ms. Mariah front as well as Dr. Heavenly.  So, needless to say the only drama on the show was that between Ms. Quad and her husband.

Dr. Simone enlisted in Dr. Jackie to help her plan a romantic night for her husband Cecil.  She planned a romantic dinner at the country club where he likes to play golf, on the 18th hole.  Dr. Jackie was to meet him there and pick up Dr. Simone’s sons and babysit them for the evening while Dr. Simone tries the reconnect romantically to her husband.  Cecil seemed impressed for about 2 seconds until he was over it and on to discussing he and Dr. Simone’s issues.  In the meantime, Dr. Jackie would have the opportunity to try on mommy shoes for a bit with watching the boys for Dr. Simone.  Dr. Jackie and kids….not sure.  Her husband might be right about not having any.  She didn’t have anything to feed Dr. Simon’s kids and kept threatening to give the younger son a benedryl tablet.  Smh.

This show is wearing me out!  It’s either too much drama or too much fake drama and tonight was all fake drama.  I feel like tonight they were reaching.   I like Ms. Quad but sometimes I think she is too over the top, too much of a character.  The idea of putting other animal fur, feathers or whatever on a dog is just crazy to me.  Anyway, It was good to see her husband Dr. Gregory go in on her and with some base in his voice! lol.  Someone like Quad needs to be brought back down to earth every now and then.  So overall,  it was refreshing to not have Mariah and Dr. Heavenly on this episode, but dang couldn’t there have been better story lines?

The Bachelorette


So, last night they did a recap, instead of a rose ceremony, as a tribute to former contender Eric Hill.  Andi’s journey so far highlighted some of the drama in the house between the guys, some of her group dates  and her one on one’s.   Eric Hill abruptly left The Bachelorette on last weeks episode, after upsetting Andi by calling her a “TV actress,” and them having it out.   After last week’s episode aired, they announced that Eric had tragically passed away and the rest of the season would be dedicated to him.   Sigh. He was one of my favorite picks.  He won my heart with that smile and those dimples.  I just knew he was going to end up a final two.


So, the cute black guy Marquel is still left (suprised)  and a couple of my picks as well.  My front runner now is Marcus.  He’s adorable !

Marcus-Sports Medicine Mgr

Here is a chart of who’s left and who left:



On next week’s episode Andi is taking the guys abroad, to Italy!

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