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So, I typically watch a couple of hours of TV a week and by a couple I mean, roughly, about 10.  Usually on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (until Scandal comes back) I watch a couple of hot shows.  I try to limit the amount of trash TV (reality shows) I watch.  So, I watch the really popular ones like, Real Housewives (except O.C.-never could get into that one), Love and Hip-Hop,  Million Dollar Listing, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, The Voice, Amazing Race and I’m afraid to admit it, Married to Medicine.   After a couple of days of watching all the drama, my girls and I do a recap of all the shows and I thought I would share my opinions and the goings ons with you guys.  So, if you don’t watch the shows, you can get caught up and voice your opinion here.

Okay, so first up, on Sunday I watched the premiere of Real Housewives of Atlanta-Kandi’s Getting Married and I have to tell you, first of all, that Momma Joyce….is special, to say the least and I mean that with the utmost respect. 🙂  (Side note: I heard Kandi goes in on folks if you talk about her momma or her man honey!!  I’ve seen her tweeting just as fast as the comment was made!)   Anyhoo, let’s get the commentary and the recap started!

Real Housewives of Atlanta-Kandi’s Getting Married!

RHOA-Kandi's Getting MarriedRHOA-Kandi's Getting Married-Momma Joyc clowning

Recap:  So the saga continues…Momma Joyce still hasn’t come on board with supporting Kandi and her marriage to Todd.  She feels like he’s after Kandi’s money and he and his mother are plotting to get it from her because…..his mom is a pimp and a prostitute that worked for his father!  Yep, that’s what she said.   Momma Joyce, I think she was so wro-o-ng to put Todd’s mom on blast like that!  I mean, come on you can’t judge someone because of their parents or who they use to be or what they use to do.  We all tend to but when it’s this serious, you gotta put things in perspective.  I feel bad for Kandi.  All the girl want to do is be in love, marry the man she loves and get the support from the other people she loves.  I am learning err day, that you can’t choose who the people you  love, love.   All you can do is support them and be there when they need you.  It’s a hard pill to swallow sometimes, but whatcha gonna do?  She also thinks that if Todd really loved Kandi he wouldn’t have let her put on weight.  SMH.  When was the last time somebody controlled what you put in your mouth….as an adult?  Kandi met up with her aunts and relative to tell them the date for the wedding 4/4/2014 and to rally them to help her mom come around.  She kills me acting like she don’t know her mom is Gansta Boo!  Girl, good luck with that!

So Kandi and Carmon got in to it behind Todd having a “talk” with her about supporting Kandi both as her friend and as her assistant.  Carmon let her know how she felt about having to have to deal with both Momma Joyce and Todd being basically over protective about Kandi and she can’t defend herself because she’s trying to be respectful and keep it from affecting her and Kandi’s relationship.  It was a moment.  She expressed that she didn’t want to help plan the wedding, she didn’t know how and she’s basically trying to skirt around having any confrontation with Gangsta Boo.  You know, I kind of don’t blame her, but this has been your best friend for 20 plus years.  It’s her wedding, grin and bear it!!

Also, what happened to Carmon’s face?  Did anyone notice that scar down the front side of her face when she was doing her interview?  Whoa.  I’m thinking that if that scar on her face is any indication of the goins ons of this show/Kandi’s wedding, then I will be tuned in!!  I don’t condone violence, but dang with a scar like that, honey there is a story and I gotsta know who wrote the book-all on her face!  lol  Who doesn’t want to know?  Momma Joyce is a gansta!

Fashion report: I didn’t see any fashionable mentions on this episode besides Kandi’s different weaves every single interview.

How do we feel about Todd stepping in, on Kandi’s behalf, and trying to light the fire under Kandi’s assistants to step their game up on assisting Kandi with planning her wedding?  Would you be okay with your man taking that initiative?   Comment below.

The Bachelorette:

Andi Dorfman


Andi Dorfman

Age: 26
Occupation: Assistant District Attorney
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Height: 5’5″
3 Best Attributes: I’m loyal, I love my family, I’m feisty
Greatest Achievement: Becoming an attorney
Favorite Sports: Tennis, golf
Favorite Television Show: Scandal

Okay, so, I don’t watch every Bachelor/Bachelorette but this season I’m already invested because this years Bachelorette, Andi Dorman, is one of my favs from the last Bachelor with that daggone Juan Pablo, which was one of the contestants from the Bachelorette with Dez.  Wait a minute, I wasn’t even a Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise fan, but you see how they suck you in?  SMH.  Lol.  Anyhoo, so on the night of the premiere I make a list of my picks and basically play along. …yeah, I know pathetic, but its fun!!! lol So here are my guys.  I mean, my picks:

Carl-firefighter Chris-farmer Dylan-Accountant Eric-Explorer JJ-Pantstapranuer Josh-ex pro baseball player Marcus-Sports Medicine Mgr Patrick-Ad Exec Rep Ron-Beverage Sales Rep

Recap: On episode 1,  It freaked me out to see Chris from Emily Manard’s season show up there to meet Andi.  He crashed the set demanding to speak to her, with flowers in hand!  I was like whoa, that’s crazy!  I actually liked him on that season.  Uh oh, does that mean my picker might be off?   Anyway, episode 2, first dates,  Andi and Eric, the explorer hit it off on there one on one date and I started to like him even more…for her.  Turns out, after leaving the show  in episode 3, he passed away.  I was like dang, he was FINE!   So as of right now, I have 6 picks left  in the running (the ones in gray are out except for Eric, they left his in color).   We’ll see how many of them I’ll still like by nest week. lol

Fashion report: Overall, I thought the guys looked nice.  There were just too many plaid shirts!  Andi’s wardrobe is nice.  I really liked the dress she wore on the first night.


Married to Medicine: “Queen of Shade”

Quad and Mariah

Fiiirst, that daggon Dr. Heavenly is ANNOYING!!!! Voice and all!!  Buuut, she is funny!  I’m a little over this whole thing with Quad and Mariah  a.k.a. LaKiesha. Apparently, before the season started Quad was out with some people having drinks and Mariah/LaKiesha showed up a little inebriated and started acting a plum fool, hurling accusations at Quad and she made the now infamous comment that she (LaKiesha) “made” Quad.  After this statement a yelling match ensued as well as some shoving and swinging then Ms. Quad was escorted/kicked out of the restaurant.  After Quad sobered up, naturally, she doesn’t remember her vicious behavior from that night.  Apparently, this is the problem Quad and her side kick,  designer Reco Chapple is having.

So, the episode this week started with Lisa Nicole planning a royal birthday party for her daughter Amira.  From there everybody is trying to get them and their kids ready. There was some flashbacks of last weeks episode where the ladies discussed whether or not to invite Mariah to the couples retreat at Dr. Heavenly’s dinner party, that Mariah wasn’t invited to.  The vote was that Mariah wouldn’t be invited.  Dr. Simone decided to tell Mariah at Lisa’s daughters birthday party.  Now, if you didn’t watch this episode, you know where this is going.  These women have no problem getting turnt up at an event and a little girls princess party was no exception.  You know Mariah always rolls with her crew-her mom, Ms. Lucy and her sister, Lake.  Speaking of rolling with her crew, they showed up at Lisa Nichole’s daughters birthday party with an entourage, dressed to the nines of course, complete with their own African servants sprinkling rose pedals at their feet (a la Coming to America) as they exited the vehicle and headed to Lisa Nicole’s front door in the middle of the etiquette class.  They had to wait, minutes, because they were late and Lisa was not happy about that but,  guess who turned them away….Dwight, from RHOA!  He’s Lisa Nicole’s business partner and probably planned this over the top party.

Married to Medicine episod 5 season 2

Quad didn’t show up.  She and Reco were busy with the samples for her doggie couture line and discussing the restraining order LaKiesha Mariah Huq served on Reco. Wow.  As Dr. Jackie has a light meltdown and flee’s her office much earlier than she was supposed to  due to her feeling overwhelmed by work.  She flee’s home only to be met with a harsh realistic discussion with her hubby and his concerns and point as to why he doesn’t think they should adopt a child.  Whew, is it me or do these women and all the drama on this show wear you out?  lol. Smh.

And there it is.  Until next time, enjoy your Tuesday!!


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