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Okay, so here you go folks, as mentioned in my Morning Coffee post, I attended  Nick Cannon’s Ncredible Tablet launch/pool party this past Saturday.  The party was held at this beautiful mansion in the Malibu hills and it was the bombdotcom!

20140726_164107 20140726_161305

Nick DJ’d and kept the party hype.

2014-07-27 21.44.32

It was the perfect mix of people there too. Everyone was mingling, socializing, networking and seem to be having a good time the whole time!

20140726_161452 20140726_161342

My business party LeMar J. with actress Shanti Lowry (from the Game) and a couple of hosting models.

20140726_162437 20140726_173934

Model Jasmine Sanders mingling.  Me and the funny Emanuel Hudson from Wild N Out and YouTube fame. Loves this guy!!!

20140726_163252 20140726_174738

Emanuel clowning.  Actress Victoria Rowell and Shemar Moore..surrounded by ladies.


The lovely Shemar Moore.  I didn’t want to disturb him while he was speaking with Victoria Rowell so I snapped a pic of his other good side.  lol

20140726_171123 20140726_171122

I ran into the hilarious celebrity photographer, Tyrone Richardson.  This dude kept me laughing practically all day.

Nick Cannon Ncredible tablet launch party 2014-07-27 21.41.10

Me and the man himself.  He’s the nicest guy ever!!!

2014-07-27 21.43.11

LeMar J. with Victoria Rowell and D.J. D-Wrek from Wild N Out.

The food was catered by one of the best bar-b-que spots in L.A., A & M Island BBQ.

There was an open bar, which some how ran out of water and juice by the time I made my way there to get something to drink.  Which left me very little choices and since I don’t really drink, I opted for the coldest beverage they had…and it was the bomb!!!


So, after I cooled off a bit and got a quick little buzz..yeah, I’m a light weight, I decided to snap a couple of pics of some of my fave fashion moments at the party.


20140726_180001 20140726_180012

Of course Nick kept it cool and sexy in all white.  I forgot to ask him who designed his shoes. These were hot!!!  It looked like they had little candies all over them.  I know he gets a lot of his slip-ons custom-made by Louboutin, but I don’t want to assume these are as well.  Anyhoo, I loooves!!

20140726_171530 20140726_171546

This cutie patootie, model Jasmine Sanders @golden_barbie, mixed up her look by pairing this cute, white tennis dress with a pair of Versace high-top sneaks.  I loved everything about her look!  Saturday afternoon, pool party, bbq, dominoes, music, dancing, she nailed it!!  Cute, comfortable, sexy and functional!!!

20140726_174301 20140726_174324

Legs, legs and more legs!  Classic summertime Cali beach look, hot shorts and heels!  Yaaaas!   Loves!  I could never pull this look off, so I vicariously lived in the moment  through Lorin and Ashley.

2014-07-27 21.46.47 20140726_161315

So, the tablet has been receiving some pretty great reviews and has sold out, selling over 20,000, on QVC.  Some of the features include Google play ready, Ncredible DJ app, a Mogul Minute app that Nick Cannon brings you 60 second inspirational interviews from today’s most influential people.  The ultimate goal of this app is to get today’s generation to unleash the motivation within themselves and reach for the stars in all their future endeavors.  It also includes a social station with a dashboard that allows access to integrate all social media outlets.  The 8 inch tablet is super fast, it comes Wi-Fi ready and has been dubbed an electronic must have!


The launch party was a complete success!  Good food, good fun, good people!!  I’m looking forward to the next event.


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