AFTERNOON T.!-Monday Madness…My BET Awards Worst Dressed

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It’s time for the Afternoon T.-Monday Madness.  In staying in the loop of the trending topic of the day, the 2014 BET Awards, my post earlier hi-lighted some hot looks on the red carpet and my personal best dressed.  Well, this afternoon I’m going to hi-light the not so hot looks from yesterday’s show.

Ashanti Faith Evans

As mentioned in the Morning Coffee post, white was definitely the go-to color on the red carpet this year.  Anyhoo, although Ashanti’s Michael Costello dress is cute, I still had to put her in the Monday Madness post for her non original look.  I just feel like she’s trying reeaally hard to stay relevant by channeling her inner Bey.  Problem is, it’s just not working for her, in my opinion.  I would have love seeing her in something colorful, fitted and sexy with her hair up with maybe just some hi-lites.   I’ve seen Beyonce rock this look at an event earlier this year.  I’m over it!

Faith, Faith, Faith, come on!  I don’t even know what to say.  This is just…okay, where is she going?  There is no way her team should have let HER go out like this! Especially, with Charli Baltimore attending, being nominated and looking really fly in the midst of her comeback efforts. Not that they are in competition, but that’s your ex/baby daddy’s ex.  You, Faith, is supposed to slay the red carpet on g.p.!  You’re the bigger star!  Smh. Yeah, future client!! lol


Okay, Genuine!?!  Man, what??  I can’t!   Everything about his look is ALL WRONG!! I feel like he dressed himself and sincerely thought this look was not going to hurt anyone’s eyes..but mine!!

Karrueche Tran Luke James

Karrueche Tran (Chris Brown’s Boo). Now, as a fellow stylist, we don’t always get it right when it comes to dressing ourselves, well, some stylists have that issue.  lol. I get that, but you have to have enough sense to get a second opinion when it comes to making an appearance like this one.  Especially, because this will be the first big appearance she and Chris will make since his release from jail a couple of weeks ago.  Also, because she’s Karrueche Tran!!!  She has a pretty large following right now.   Anyway, this dress… I don’t like not one bit.  I think she’s too short for it and doesn’t have enough body to pull it off.  She would have been better in anything else, but this!!

R & B newcomer Luke James just didn’t get any memo.  I hate black socks with light colored shoes!!!  Uuugh!!!! Did he even know he was going to the awards??  You know what, I’ll just pretend he didn’t know and give him a little pass.


But Ne-yo on the other hand, what in the he** is going on with him.  This is the second time this month he has ended up in the Monday Madness for his red carpet wardrobe foolery!  I mean, does he only get fly when he has an album out?  Oh, okay, so maybe he’s been in the studio at the time these last couple of award shows came around so maybe he was just stopping by.  Smh.  Sounds good.

Sage the gemini Terry Crews and Wife

Sage the Gemini…this dude. Smh.  He just looks suspect all the way around.  I can’t even comment because he is just all the way wrong from his face to his sneakers.  I’m not going to waste the time.  Yall see what I see!  lol

Terry Crews and his wife Rebecca.  I have to ding both of them because regardless of his poor judgement of what to wear, SHE should have not let him walk out the door with this get-up on, period!  So, I’m holding her responsible!


You know, this look on Zendaya just doesn’t work for me.  She’s been killin it all month with her looks but this, this to me is just silly!  Why the baseball cap??  At first I thought she was still trying to convince us that she can play Aaliyah but I’ve learned recently that she pulled out of the move.  So, what’s with the deal with this pseudo  urban look??  I confused!  I mean, even without the hat, I think she could have and should have chosen a different look for this event. I would have love to have seen her in maybe a custom, fitted suit or in something from the Versace Spring  collection if she wanted to make a statement.  Okay, that’s all.  My rant is over and I feel much better!  Now back to the life of the fashionably correct.  lol

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