Afternoon T.! Monday Madness-Easter Weekend Fashion Foolery Round-up

Good afternoon Bizzies!

Happy Monday Madness to ya!  Hopefully everyone had a fabulous weekend and Easter Holiday. Apparently there was lots goings ons this weekend, besides Easter egg hunts, ruffles and bow-ties, in the world of fashion and entertainment!  Earlier today I posted my red carpet best dressed list for the Black Girls Rock ceremony.  Loves those looks, but these….not so much!

Fashion foolery on the carpet…

Jill Scott

Now, I loooves me some Jill Scott!  She is one of the most beautiful neo-soul plus sized women I know, but who authorized this jumper on her??  She looks like a happy power ranger!  I’m upset.  It doesn’t look like an organic look for her.  It looks like someone else really liked it and put it on her! Anyhoo….Loves the fro though!

Regina King

Regina King…as the tin-man.  Regina has an amazing body.  I’ve seen her and her legs in person!  I don’t know why they opted to cover them and her in this aluminum foil number.  It’s not working and I’m mad.  Maybe if the pants would have been shorts, that would’ve been better.  I confused!

Next up…..

The Kardashians go to chuuch!  And all coordinated!  Smh.  Now,  I’m trying to figure out, was the color of the day memo ordered by Kris or Ye??  Just wondering.

Now I wonder who dressed who? lol Holey crap!  lol. I couldn’t resist.

Okay, now, I am confused about the way Kendall and Kylie are dressed.  I really can’t tell if they actually went to church or…maybe they attended the First Club Tabernacle A.M.E.  If Ye can go holier than thou, then I guess crop tops are acceptable too….at club church. lol

And speaking of Kendall…


WTH?  Why?  You already have a legitimate career.  You don’t have to follow or compete with your sister.  This was her Happy Easter instagram pic. This chile is going to need an intervention soon.  You heard it here first!!!

Also, spotted this weekend, was the offspring of Will and Jada….Jaden.  These kids and their hair!  I don’t get it! Does all the money in the industry give you the right to just look like you have none??  lol  Anyhoo, he was hanging out with Kendall Jenner. She was making her rounds this weekend. Is that weird that he’s hanging out with his ex’s sister?  Hmmm.  But then again, in the world of the Smith’s and the Kardashian’s, anything goes!

Okay, aaand that’s all I got.

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