AFTERNOON T.! Monday Madness-2015 Red Carpet Fashion Foolery Kickoff

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Happy Monday Madness!!  So, the 2015 red carpet/award season is underway.  Last night was the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards (SAG) and a week and a half before,  it was the Golden Globes. Now, It’s not secret that I live for the red carpet show.  I tried to overlook some of the fashion foolery going on at both shows by convincing myself that it was too early in the year to call out or even focus on the madness.  But after yesterday’s show….IT’S ON!!!!

First up…


Amanda Peete.  She is one of my favorite actresses but not in this get up.  I mean, WTF is going on with that patched up belly button situation in the middle of the dress??  I confused!  She could have done much better.  The color is great and that’s about it!! Neeext….


What in the gladiator on the red carpet was she thinking?  Ms. Anna Chlumsky, from the movie My Girl, has grown up and failed with this situation of a dress.  Not making it on the best dressed list this time.


Claire Danes starring as the Green Giant.


Okay, so Julia Roberts is also one of my favorite actresses and I love me some jumpers but come on!  This is all wrong!  A tuxedo jumper…Noooooo!  She would’ve been better off in a traditional, tailored tuxedo.

Laura-Carmichael (1)

Now, I’m just wondering who’s bright idea was it to choose the dress with the giant finger print pattern on it?!?  SMH.  Next…


I love me some Viola Davis and this look was winning until I got to her hair.  Really, Vi?  A blowout on the red carpet??  There’s only one blowout allowed on the red carpet and that’s Lupita’s!  Who flipped it and rocked corn rows on yall this time!  It’s not that I don’t like the blowout.  It’s just not working, on the red carpet, with this gown.  That’s all!!!


Now, this look wouldn’t have been so bad if someone would have cut the pipe cleaner off the top of this dress.  Naomi Watts usually does pretty good on the red carpet and aaalllmost did this time but that fuzzy stuff around the top of this dress, killed her whole situation. SMH.


Umm, I don’t know.  It’s not that this look, worn by actress Rosamund Pike, is bad.  I’m just not feeling it on the red carpet for an award show.


Okay, see this get up is some real foolery.  Why does this dress look like it was made out of that net my uncle use to have on his ceiling back in the day over his bed??  SMH Who’s idea was this??  Fire them, now!!


And last but not least, another cast member from Orange is the New Black, Ms. Vicky Jeudy.  I’m willing to bet she probably would have done better in wardrobe from her own show instead of this missing costume from Dancing With The Stars!  I mean, come on, her team should have known better than to dress her like this was her first award show…EVER!  Hmm, maybe it is.

Anyhoo, lets flash back to some of the foolery that went down a couple of weeks ago at the Golden Globes:


Jenny from the block!  Yep, Jennifer Lopez.  This dress, in my opinion is a hot mess!  She looks too desperate to me.  It’s out of line for this award show.  I mean, I get it Jen, you want to believe you are the original “big ass” in Hollywood.  And after witnessing you drooling over Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea’s assets at last years MTV Awards I see why you feel the need to remind the peoples that it wasn’t so long ago that your assets was the talk of the town, but this remixed version of “THE VERSACE DRESS” was a bit much for this red carpet.


Lena Dunham in this Zac Posen number.  See, this is why some designers are picky about who they let wear their pieces.  SMH.  That’s all!!


Kerry Washington as Kerry Washington and at this moment definitely not Olivia Pope.  I confused, again!

Tina Fey in Antonio Berardi

Really Tina Fey?  I know you are a great comedian, but this dress ain’t funny…it’s a mess!  Everything else works, but that dress killed the vision!  I can’t!

Anyhoo, stay tuned for more fashion and entertainment reviews, talk and news!

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