AFTERNOON T.! Monday June 29, 2015, BET Awards Re-cap

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Happy Mondaaay! So last night the highly advertised and anticipated 15th annual BET Awards went down at the Microsoft Theatre formerly the Nokia Theatre in downtown Los Angeles.  I thought the show was pretty good, over all.   I stayed tuned to catch that Yaaasss!  moment and to my surprise, the show had a couple.  Okay, so if you missed it, here’s a re-cap, wanna here it?  Here it go….

This year’s show was hosted by the beautiful Tracee Ellis Ross  and the hilarious Anthony Anderson.  Kendrick Lemar opened the show with his hit song “Alright” in true KL fashion with a patriotic back drop reminding us that in light of all the non-sense that’s going on with these random racial issues (in 2015-with a African-American president), we’ve been here before and…..WE GON BE ALRIGHT!!!

Terence Howard won the first award of the night for best actor.  Followed by a hott performance by Janelle Monae and my new man-crush Jidenna.   Nicki Minaj won the award for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist.  Best Male Hip-Hop Artist went to…Kendrick Lemar!! I loves Kendrick but did he really beat out Drake and Big Sean??? Chris Brown hit the stage with Tyga, wearing Hilfiger..??  Really?? O-kay.  The camera checked in with Rihanna during the performance and captured her really enjoying watching her ex-boo do his thang.  Next up, the Weekend with that beautiful voice.  Loves him, but that hair tho??  I-so-con-fused!!!!  Sam Smith won the award for Best New Artist.  He wasn’t there so Anthony Anderson accepted the award on his behalf…..lookin like him!  SMH.  Dude looked nuts!! lol.

The biggest Yaaasss! moment for me was the Bad Boy Reunion!!!!  Whaaat!  Diddy opened up the performance and was joined by Ma$e, 112, Faith and…wait for it…Lil Kim!  This performance was EPIC!!!  Diddy looked good.  Like Puff Daddy from back in the day! He was amped up!  So much so he fell through the floor!  Lil Kim joined in the performance with the Lox to sing their hit All About The Benjamins. When she came up through that hole in the floor Diddy fell through, (yep, slipped and fell on his a**) I lost it!!!!  

I mean, to see my boy Ma$e performing again was nostalgic!  And that Chris Brown….daaayyumm!  That dude danced the whole show!  He should be tired as he** today!  The camera caught a glimpse of Cassie in the audience with the Combs boys, rockin out to her man Diddy’s performance.

Okay, moving right along, so Smokey Robinson and Janet Jackson both were honored this year.  Smokey for the Lifetime Achievement Award and Janet with the Ultimate Icon Award. Robin Thicke, Ne-Yo and Tori Kelly sang a couple of Smokey’s biggest hits and tore it up!  I’ve been sleeping on this chick Tori Kelly.  She is the tru-uth!  Tinashe, Jason Derulo and Ciara danced their asses off in their tribute performance to Janet Jackson.  Hands down though, Ciara killed it!!!   I mean, during Ciara’s performance, I couldn’t tell if it was her or Janet dancing.  She was on it!!!!

I, like errbody else, was holding my breath hoping Janet was going to give us a lil sumthin sumthin to chew on until she released something or went on tour, but no.  She accepted her award, thanked errbody and gave us the ole God bless and good night!  She looked a-mazing, by the way.

The much-anticipated performance by Meek Mills featuring Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown was aight.  Personally, I’m not a fan of this couple.  So to me, the performance itself was just aight.  Moving along, next up, another EPIC performance  was by the cast of Empire.  They did a medley of a couple of their hits from the show and it was just as hott as it was on the show.  Yaaasss!

Oh and Big Sean. Blessings on blessings on blessings!  Another Yaaasss! moment.  He held it down solo performing his hit “Blessed”, without Drake and Kanye.  He killed it!  Everybody was up on their feet singing along. E-40 did join him on “I don’t F*** with you”.  Hot!  40 has come a loooong way.  He is a true example of persistence paying off!  Loves.

Another anticipated performance was K. Michelle and Tamar Braxton.  Apparently, they had been beefing for a minute and so the idea of them squashing their beef and performing together was a big deal. What wasn’t a big deal was K. Michelle’s need to show off her overly injected a** and Tamar’s overly lashed eyes.  She looked spooked the entire time she sang.  I think K. Michelle should have opted for maybe a see-through or mesh skirt over the hi-waisted briefs she rocked.  Note to K., class over ass goes a loooong way!  Okay?  They both sounded great otherwise.  The big deal for me was them performing with none other than Ms. Patti LaBelle herself. They all sang “If Only You Knew”.  All three women held their own, but I wish they wouldn’t have sung over Ms. Patti, hunty.  That’s one voice I could never get enough of hearing live. She is just fascinating to me dahhling!

Anyhoo, the show ended with the final award was the Viewer’s Choice Award and it went to Nicki Minaj. The funny thing is that she didn’t even know what award she won.  She came out on stage to accept her award and was like “what’s this award for again?”  Yeah, she had a moment.  She recovered though only like Nicki Minaj would, flippin into a different character and making the audience laugh.  Fetty Wap closed the show performing his chart topping hit “Trap Queen”.  Everybody was on their feet singing and dancing along, old and young! Hip-Hop looks and sounds so much different from when it was simply about the lyrics and flow.

Now, if you don’t get a chance to see the show, which I suspect you will, because BET will be airing this show until we all have grandkids, lol, all night err night.  Hopefully, my lil recap was cool source if you missed it or don’t have time to catch it.

And now with that said, I want to take this time to mention a couple of categories that should have been included in this year’s show:

The winner for the Most Exes Under One Roof should go to Chris Brown for his contribution of both Rihanna and Karrueche making appearances this year without his a**.  So far no word of a cat fight between these two.  Apparently, Karrueche has moooved on!!!!  And I can tell by her “look at me now” look of the day. lol.

Rihanna karrueche-tran-bet-awards-2015-red-carpet

The  nominee for Reality Checked Exes,  Now On to the Nextes should go to both Kanye West and Tyga whose exes Blac Chyna and Amber Rose showed up as each other’s date dressed like booby twins. Really?  They look like an item though.  Hmmmm, we’ll be keeping eyes on these two.


The nominee for the Cutest, New Couple  goes to Vee Bozeman and Tyrese.  These two looked so cute together all hugged up in the audience.  I looooves her!  They both are from Watts, chocolate, very talented and seem to be really good, grounded people.  Good match!

V. Bozeman and Tyrese

The nominee for Hautest Couple Period goes to Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe.  These two could not look any more made for each other.  The black Ken and Barbie is who they are!


And the winner for the Real Men Lookin Suspect On The Red Carpet category, should go to both Flo Rida and Russell Wilson.  Just look at the pics and you tell me if the award went to the wrong two! lol



Okay, so there you have it folks.  A quick run down of the 15th Annual BET Awards.  Stay tuned for my red carpet hits and misses.

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