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So, last week I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of my fave photographers, Marcus Redd of MRM.  If you’ve never heard of him, please know that Marcus is responsible for some of Hollywood’s hottest fashion, lifestyle and celebrity images.  I mean, this guy has shot  pretty much everybody and everything worth shooting!  Besides being incredibly talented and innovative, he’s a sweetheart.  I mean really one of the nicest, coolest, laid back people you’d ever meet or want to work with.  I met Marcus about 9 years ago.  I was hired by his then partner to style a new artist signed to Interscope Records and we just hit it off.  I was really impressed by his work ethic, creativity and professionalism.  While we were just hanging out and shootin the ish last week, I thought it would be a good idea to sort of interview him and learn and share some things that people probably wouldn’t know about him.

MRM in the Studio

T:  How did you get your start in photography?

M: I got my start in photography when a good friend of mine that I went to Jr. high & high school with asked me to cover her wedding. It was my very first wedding that I covered and I was  probably more nervous than her. The photos came out fabulous. From that moment I recognized one of my true talents and developed a deep passion for photography.

T: What’s your favorite type of shoot?  Why?

M: I would have to say it would be a high fashion shoot. I love the  collaboration of the makeup artist, hair stylist, fashion stylist and the model all coming together and making imagery come to life!

T: Favorite shots so far?  Why?

M: My favorite photos are the ones where you only have that one time to capture the moment, because time changes the situation.

T: Describe your own personal style?

M:  To describe my personal style, I would describe it as street chic. I like to be comfortable most of the time, but then I can flip it and get my super model on too.  lol. In terms of my work, I would have to say I put a lot of emphasis on the shot being  crispy clear to where you don’t have to hide your work behind filters and photoshopping.

Marcus 2X_7697

MRM Global_9929-2 Marcus Redd_7417_1

T: Do you have a favorite designer? If so, who?

M: Yes, fashion wise, I am a fan of Tom Ford and many of the obvious well known designers, but in terms of designers I’ve worked with personally, a few of my favorites would have to be, Madeline K Designs,  Lisa Guillory and Myra Wallace. They are on the cutting edge of fashion and their designs are inspirational.

T: What’s next for Marcus Redd aka MRM (Marcus Redd Mediaworks)?

M:  What the next for me? I’m starting to transition more into film as a Director of Photography and Editor. This has always been a long term goal and interest.  So,  I plan on writing and shooting  three short films before the year is out and prepare to submit a couple of them to various film festivals.

T: Wow, that’s interesting.  I am pretty sure whatever you put your name on is going to be epic!  Uuum, just don’t forget to pencil me in for wardrobe!! lol

So, here are some of my fave images captured by Mr. Redd:

Holman3T stock  John B_0440

TIP Rona Gonzales_3175 copy

Beyond Black & White_8186 copy copy

 Farm house_0356



Mike's 64

MRM Downtown_1000

Venice 2_8983 copy

See what I mean! He can shoot anything! And these images are just some of the faves.  I couldn’t post all of them. For more information or to contact Marcus, hit him up at, IG-MRMGlobal ,FB or Twitter-MRMGlobal.

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    • Not only all the above mentioned Mr Redd has tutored n continue to mentor many like myself in art, feel, emotions etc that connects for the perfect shot at perfection. I passed what I haved absorbed in Photoghaphy conversation.

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