AFTERNOON T.!-Man-Up-Monday featuring Comedian and Actor Daniel Dugar

Man-Up Monday Feature-Comedian, Daniel Dugar

   Dugar-Gents Today Shoot

Rising star, actor and comedian  Daniel Dugar a.k.a “Dugar” is being featured in next months first issue of the online mens fashion and lifestyle magazine, Gents Today (formally known as American Gentleman).  We shot with Dugar at Inside Jokes in Hollywood located inside of the Mann’s Chinese Theater.  This shoot was so much fun and exciting because Dugar is hilarious!  He was actually one of the first guys I styled back in the day when I was just starting my career as a fashion stylist and I’ve been styling and consulting him every since, although his fashion game is sick!  I taught him well!  Lol.  Besides being  funny, he is a true professional and a rare breed amongst comics.  He definitely takes his fashion game very serious and he’s not afraid to take risks.  One of the main reasons I like styling him is because this guy is not afraid to take risks.  So,  I get excited every time I get the opportunity to work with  him because I know there’s virtually no limits in terms of creating new looks.

I put together about five strong looks for him for the magazine. Take a look at  a couple of  behind the scene shots of some of the looks I put together and let me know what you think.

Dugar behind the scenes Gents Today

I also got the opportunity to sit down with Dugar in between shots and asked him a couple of questions about his career, his take on fashion and what’s coming up next for him.  Check it out:

T.:  Okay, we got to get serious.  I’m going to pretend that I don’t know you. So, how did you get your start?

D.: Lol. At an open mic in East Oakland many years ago.

T.:  What’s next for you?

D.: I’m  preparing for a very multi-cultural military comedy tour called the Keep it One Hundred Tour.  Myself, Nema Williams, Kabir Singh and Thai Rivera will be touring Singapore, Diego Garcia, Bahrein, Korea, Madrid Island and Afghanistan.  I will also be launching my blog radio show on the Jay King Network  this month.  I have  movie and TV opportunities that I’m looking at and yada, yada, yada.

T.: Okaaaay. How does fashion inspire you?

D.:  It expresses my personality and allows me to be creative, builds my confidence and explore different styles.  Once I get dressed to hit the stage, I feel like a super hero.

T.: Favorite designer?

D.: Tom Ford

T.:  Niice! Well, it has definitely been a pleasure working with you again.  Best wishes!


Yaaay, back to work!

Look for the full photo shoot and interview  in next months launch of Gents Today online mens fashion and lifestyle magazine.

You can check Daniel Dugar out at  for upcoming show information in the states, on Blog Talk Radio on the Jay King Network following Kings in the Morning at 10 am-11 am; Open Mic with Daniel Dugar.  Follow him on Twitter: @dugar007 and IG: DanielDugar1110



  1. I got a chance to see this man this weekend. He was freakin’ hilarious. The next time he comes to Tulsa, OK, I will be there!

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