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Good Afternoon!

Heeeeeee’s baaaaack!!!  Lorenz Tate!!!  Sigh. Wasn’t he a sight for sore eyes on at the BET Awards?  I swear just seeing his cute smile and that youthful face instantly made me remember the first time I saw him… in Menace to Society.  I knew then, if he would just cut off those daggone braids he was going to be a hunk and I was right!!!  He looked so-o good at the awards in that black on black ensemble.  Side note:  Uuumm, yeah, I cut that woman he was hugging…known as his wife, out!  I know, that’s wrong and she’s gorgeous.  Look her up on your own time though.  Lol.  If it was me, I’m sure somebody would have cut me out too!  Anyway, O-Dog everybody…

20140701_2150172014 BET Awards - Lorenz Tate

So, Lorenz is back on T.V. starring in a new series called Rush on USA.  The show premieres on July 17th.  Oh, but  we can actually catch him tonight on BET starring in the gritty Gun Hill. In this movie he’s playing a twin out to avenge his brother’s death by going under cover as the other twin to find out who killed him…the twin.  You got it??

Gun Hill-Lorenz Tate

Sounds interesting and good.  If you’ve seen Menace to Society, Dead Presidents, Love Jones or A Man Apart then you know he is going to kill it in this movie!


man_apart_verdvd LoveJonesMovie

I can’t wait to see it.  Until then I’m going to enjoy him in all of his glory with these pics I took of him(stole) on the Wendy Williams Show last night.  Yes, I did! Enjoy!


He looks so good in black!

On another note…and to cool down.  Is it me or does Chris Brown look a little chubby??  I couldn’t really tell while watching him in that amazing performance for the BET Awards,but  afterwards I remember thinking he looks a little different.  Hmmm.  Or maybe its that wack-a** haircut!!  lol. I’m not sure.  You be the judge…

Chris Brown-chubby

chris-brown-bet-awards-2014 chris-brown-too-hyper-after-jail-ftr


Does it really matter??  Nah, it’s Breezy!!! lol

Okay, that’s all I got, for  now!  Until next time.

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