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Good afternoon and Happy Monday Madness!  So, the 2014 Essence Awards went down this past weekend and for those of us that stayed behind to celebrate this years Fourth of July festivities locally, I gots some fashion foolery a.k.a. T.! for you.  So far I haven’t heard any bad review about the increasingly popular growing festival.  This years line up was hot…Prince performed!!!  Tamar Braxton made her debut.  Keke Wyatt, Ledisi, Trey Songz, Jill Scott and Mary J. Blige all made appearance again this year.  I’ve missed the last couple of years, so I know it can be hot and muggy down there which would cause for the weather to make some a bit delusional.  But, come on, a true fashionista with a glam squad would know how to pull it together even if another hurricane was reported to be on its way!

Anyhoo, first up we have Lil Mo.  Apparently, she got into some beef with Prince this weekend because she was held up from having access to rome the Superdome because his majesty(Prince) was coming through and so security held up traffic in the halls.  Well, she went off!  But, I have a question, who in the he** goes off on her when she insists on looking like this…

2014 Essence Music Festival - Day 2

Now, it’s no secret that Lil Mo is not known for her extraordinary fashion sense but dayum!!!  And you got the nerve to go after Prince because you had to wait a couple of minutes to go to the restroom??  I bet if you would have told them you were going to do a quick make-over they would have held Prince and any one else up for you to work that out!  lol. Just saying!

Lil Mo-street style YBF

Lil Mo earlier this year after an interview with the Breakfast Club in NYC.  See what I mean?  SMH!


Next up.  Now as much as I loooooves me some Jill Scott, whyyyyyyyyy?!?  I mean, I love her new make-over and the fact that she has lost a lot of weight but this outfit…not yet!  It’s too soon Jill!  Don’t get me wrong I know that false sense of “I’m so small” you feel after you lose a couple of pounds but just because you can fit into it, doesn’t necessarily mean you can/should rock it, okay??

jillscott-essence fest 2014


Now, somewhere far, far away…Yeezy in London. Apparently this fool is having an issue showing his face over there after marrying Kim K., or maybe it’s his conscious that has him hiding. Either way he looks a fool!  So, the story is that he got boo’d  after going on some rant about being shy and not being a liar.  He was apparently filling in for Drake, who had to cancel due to him not feeling well and so Ye took his place.  But instead of just doing the concert, Ye being Ye had to go into some long dialog and express his feelings.  Now see, he obviously thinks he is exempt from the Kardashian curse.  SMH.  It’s starting already !!!

Kanye Wes in London

Poor Yeezus!  lol

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