Hey heeey!  So, my girl, celebrity make-up artist and Senior Make-up Artist for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Kelly J., is going to share with us 5 steps to achieving her signature “smokey eye”.  Miss Kelly is an absolute expert at this. Anybody that can beat the hell out of their own face, gets my vote on being a go-to person for make-up tips.  Ya heard! lol Anyway,  I’m not a big time do-it-yourself person when it comes to creating a glam face.  I mean, I’m pretty good with doing my daytime, natural, a hint of color, make my eyes pop job, but not that polished, working with more than the base color and hi-lite eye.  Smh.  So, I asked Kelly to share her secrets with me and I decided to pass it on to you guys.

Kelly J. smoky eye close up

1.      Prime your lids with a black base. (Bobbi Brown Black Ink Gel liner, $24)

2.      Apply black eyeshadow over the black gel liner and blend upwards towards the crease

3.      Using a blending brush, apply a medium shade (NYX, Brown $3) in the crease

and blend out the two shades together.

4.       Highlight underneath your brow bone using a light matte eyeshadow. (Bobbi

Brown, Banana, $22)

5.       Apply liquid liner to your upper lashline, (E.L.F Cosmetics, $1) then curl

your lashes, apply a thin coat of mascara and add some false lashes to complete

the look (Red Cherry, #218, $2.00). Lastly, smudge a black kohl pencil on the

lower lash line for a smokey effect. (Revlon Kohl pencil, $7)

And voila!!!  A sexy, sultry smokey eye….that’s not too over the top, may I add.

Kelly J. smoky eye nude lip

I will have weekly beauty tips from Kelly J. hi-lighting different features for different occasions.

Check back for her colored lip post later this week! Or, if you have a how to request, shoot me an email or leave a comment and I’ll get right on getting the steps and tips for you.

For more information on Kelly J. you can check her out and follow her on Instagram: sweetkellyj


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