I have another installment of beauty tips from my girl, celebrity make-up artist and Senior Make-up artist for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Kellly J.   During a recent conversation with Kelly J. she mentioned she gets a lot of questions about whether or not or when to wear eyelashes.  Kelly J. explained that eyelashes are the difference between taking a look from day to night or natural to glamorous. So, here is a how-to, when and which one tutorial on this beauty essential.

To Lash Or Not To Lash….That Is the Question?!

You’ve applied the perfect eye-shadow, your winged eyeliner is on point and your mascara looks good BUT something is still missing! That’s when you need false eyelashes! Lashes can be the difference between good makeup and a beat face.

Eye line-Cat eye

Now, I know what most of you are thinking, “they are too hard to apply or they’re too costly!” Well let me tell you, makeup is an investment and it takes practice. If you want to look good, you have to work at it!

Strip vs Individual


Strip Lashes give you a bold look instantly! They can add extreme volume and length for a dramatic effect. They are the perfect addition for women with sparse or short eyelashes because they will define your eye without giving you an animated look.

How To Apply

(Apply your eyeliner and mascara FIRST before you apply the false eyelashes)

1. Remove the Strip and hold it up to your eye to measure the length. Cut down

if necessary.

2. Glue the rim of the lashes, wait 15 seconds, then apply the lash to the base

of your lashes

3. Tap lightly along the top (press the edges if loose) to secure the lash and

let dry.


Individual Lashes are great because they give you are more natural look. They are meant to add volume to naturally full lashes. They will add some length but that’s not their sole purpose. I love individual lashes because they enhance what you already have without looking overdone.


How To Apply

(Apply your eyeliner and mascara FIRST before you apply the false eyelashes)

1. Take the lid off and use that as a tray to hold the glue

2. Use tweezers to pull the eyelashes from the set

3. Dip the base of the lash in the glue, wait 15 seconds and apply it in between

the sparse areas of your lashes.

4. Repeat this process until your lashes look full and more defined.


Pro Tips: Use Star Glue (Dark) to apply the lashes. It dries black and will blend in with your liner nicely.  Also DO NOT apply mascara after you’ve applied the lashes. They will clump and may remove the lash entirely.


Hopefully this was helpful??

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