I like to  believe I was born into fashion and blessed with style.  My mother was a model and my grandmother and aunts were all fashionistas so, I had no choice.  I grew up in a very style conscious environment. Comfortable or not, if it looked good, oozed class and drew attention, I had it on.  My mother made our clothes when we were little and was pretty adamant about us not dressing like other kids and following trends. Fads were a no-no.  Being an individual and having my own style was instilled in me at an early age.  Which is why, to this day I’ve never really followed trends, but pride myself on creating them.  I love to mix and blend hard with soft (male & female) pieces or items to create an edgy contrast.  I love working with color combinations and mixing colors that one would think wouldn’t work.

I’ve been sketching, sewing and designing clothes since I was in my early teens.  I moved  to California back in the early 90’s to pursue my dream which was to be a fashion designer.  I got accepted into F.I.D.M., San Francisco, to study design and merchandising  but was side tracked by the energy, buzz and my interest in the music scene in the bay area.  At that time, the music scene in the bay was hot!   I had never experienced anything like it.  The vibe was innovative, creative and there was hype everywhere.  Independent record labels were the way to go and the whole industry had their eye on the bay.   It was nothing to be hanging out and run into artists like Too Short, En Vogue, M.C. Hammer, Digital Underground, Tupac and Toni, Tony, Tone at open mic nights, talent showcases, and some of the local recording studios.  The bay was on fire and I wanted to be a part of the goings ons.  Where I came from, celebrities were only heard about.

While working at the family beauty supply store I was approached by Ike Turner.  He was looking for a new Ikette.  I declined to audition for him and opted to do some background vocals and choreography for another up and coming local artist.  I was young and green and wanted to do it all and explore all of my interests.   But I was always mindful of my ultimate goal which was to become a successful designer.  This opportunity that I stumbled upon in the music industry was going to be my vehicle.  I worked in the music business for about 8 years from artist to artist development and management.  For stints at a time I also worked in retail and landed a position as a visual merchandiser and developed a love for putting looks together for in store marketing and advertising.    This worked out as a way for me to keep a pulse on what was hot in the fashion industry and I was able to keep the artist I worked with right on the cutting edge of fashion as well.  This eventually evolved into me being the go to person for all things fashion.  I was the person my friends and family called anytime anyone needed to look “fly” for an event or to get advice or ideas to look their best.

In 2001, I decided to move to take my show on the road and move to L.A. to finally make my dreams come true.  I figured I had explored everything else I was interested in and gained a lot of extra knowledge and experience in areas that would definitely be helpful in me pursing my passion. Ultimately, I would open up a one stop fashion shop filled with my designs as well as other aspiring designers.  I would have a celebrity clientele and be able to assist new artist with developing their image and look.  Three years into my road to success and a small roster of celebrity clients, I became a mom.  My daughter became my new passion and love of my life.

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It’s been eight years since I’ve been in the mix and the thick of the fashion scene and a lot has changed with digital technology and all, but I haven’t missed a beat in keeping up with the trends,  setting my own and being in the know of who’s hot and what’s not.

So, I’m back to add my twenty cents to this wild and crazy world of fabric, style, looks, attitude, glamour, glitz, celebrity and entertainment.  This site is a way for me to reconnect, share my insight, talent and opinions with and to other fashionistas that share my same passion and interests.

“Fashion is to know clothes, but style is to have a relationship with them”


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  1. YOU are GORGEOUS !! the BLOG / BIO is OUTSTANDING… A+ Well Written ( tha’s my teacher input) LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. and I LOVE YOU!! Need that last dresss to the right!! size 8 !!! where do I go get that? White House Black Market? Seriously!!
    Momma Deuce

  2. Yes!!! I love these looks on you. I’ll depend on your help to get my life right! This has to happen before I blow up.

  3. I’m in Love! You have always been Style Savy & With the Look! From your 1st Fashion show in San Francisco that you organized to the Very Last 1, I know that it will be a Sight for All eyes & you will Kill it! I’m Proud of who you are & I Like where your Going! Young Black Women hold your Head High & Smile because you Are Shining! ♥ U

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